Goodyear Assurance All-Season Review: A Reliable Tire for Everyday Use

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Goodyear Assurance All-Season Review


  • Very secure maneuverability on paved highways.
  • A steering that is both direct and responsive.
  • Excellent stopping power on dry pavement
  • Exceptionally plush ride quality regardless of the road surface.
  • The highway itself is remarkably silent.
  • A reasonable warranty on treadwear given the price.
  • Excellent overall snow traction and stopping ability
  • A quality tire can be purchased for not too much money.


  • Both traction and stopping ability in wet situations have room for improvement.
  • Taking into consideration the category, Treadlife could be improved.
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Today, passenger all-season tires dominate the market for use on public roads. The vast majority of passenger vehicles, from the smallest compact cars to the largest sedans, and even some crossovers and SUVs, are equipped with all-season passenger tires. There is a logic to the decision. These items have a low price point yet are built to last for a very long time. In addition, in terms of performance, they are enough for the requirements of a vehicle that is used only sometimes for transportation.

Because of these factors, each and every tire manufacturer participates in the touring category of the competition. You may find premium tires, budget tires, extremely inexpensive tires, and other types of tires in this location. It should come as no surprise that Goodyear competes in the premium market with its Assurance All-Season tire, which was introduced in the year 2014. The price of this tire is far lower than that of some of its competitors, including Bridgestone and Michelin tires, despite the fact that it is classified as a premium product.

Having said that, touring all-season tires and passenger all-season tires do compete with one another. The primary distinction between the two is determined by their respective speed ratings, with touring tires often being made available for more powerful automobiles. On the other hand, one may classify it as a touring tire considering that Goodyear offers the Assurance All-Season in larger sizes and with greater speed ratings.

But as long as it does its purpose, does it really matter what we label the tire? And if there is one thing that we have taken away from our previous interactions with Goodyear, it is that the Assurance All-Season should perform admirably in any environment. The American corporation puts a significant amount of money into research and development, which is one of the reasons why its products are easily distinguishable from those of its competitors.

I am aware that there are those enthusiast drivers who could argue that a passenger all-season tire offers absolutely nothing of interest to them. And if you come from that background, then by all means. Nevertheless, regardless of the weather outside, these tires are worthy of the responsibility of preserving the safety of our roadways. This is especially true for luxury items, like the Assurance All Season, which are priced higher than standard products.

So, how would you rate the performance of the Goodyear Assurance All-Season? In any case, I’ll be conducting a comprehensive analysis of the tire to see if I can find the answer to that question. In order to respond to your inquiry in the most helpful way possible, I will share my ideas on traction in dry and wet conditions, performance in snow, comfort, and treadlife. You can find the conclusion I reached on the tire at the very end.

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However, before we go on to that step, let’s have a look at the characteristics of the Goodyear Assurance All-Season tire.

What are the features of the Goodyear Assurance All-Season?

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Review

The Assurance All-Season is a “practical tire for confident all-season traction in wet, dry, and snowy conditions, with long treadwear,” as stated by Goodyear. This tire also features “long treadwear.” A tire that comes from a quality manufacturer can be purchased for a starting price of $72 for the size 185/65R14. This is a good price for a tire that comes from a premium brand.

In addition, Goodyear provides the Assurance All-Season in a variety of popular sizes, beginning at a wheel diameter of 14 inches and going all the way up to a wheel diameter of 20 inches. That is a pretty comprehensive range of sizes for a passenger all-season tire, and it covers the vast majority of cars and trucks that are now on the road.

To be more specific, urban compact automobiles like the Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, and Toyota Yaris are excellent candidates for the lower sizes, which are a wonderful fit for these vehicles. Then, a wheel diameter that ranges from 16 inches to 18 inches is an excellent option for compact cars like the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, and Honda Civic.

Sizes falling within that range are also suitable for installation on minivans and mid-size sedans like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, amongst others. In addition, the larger sizes are adaptable to sedans with more power and even certain crossovers in certain configurations.

When it came to the construction of the tire, Goodyear opted to use a tread composition that was suitable for use in any weather. The rubber combination that makes up this tire ought to retain its malleability throughout the winter while at the same time maintaining its responsiveness during the summer. Because the tread pattern is symmetric, it is possible to increase the number of kilometers that may be obtained from a set of tires by rotating them from side to side. In addition, Goodyear modified the tread pattern in order to reduce noise and produce a ride that is more peaceful.

The tread pattern has solid, independent shoulder blocks, which provide improved stability, as well as confident handling in both dry and wet conditions. In the meantime, the four wide circumferential grooves of the tire aid to improve its hydroplaning resistance by channeling water away from the contact patch. This is beneficial not only when driving in heavy rain, but also when driving over slush.

In addition to this, several wavy sipes were utilized by Goodyear on the tread blocks of the Assurance All Season. These sipes produce additional biting edges, which results in better traction over snow and decreased stopping distances.

The Assurance All-Season has a conventionally constructed internal structure, which is typical for passenger and touring all-season tires. It is made up of two steel belts that are reinforced by a polyester cord body. This provides increased capabilities on the highway as well as greater riding comfort.

What are the maintenance indicators?

On the Assurance All Season, Goodyear installed the conventional tread wear indicators, sometimes known as TWIs. These indicators are made up of thin rubber bars that are embedded inside the treads of the tire. When the tire is fresh, the bars are in a recessed position; but, if you look very closely, you may still see them.

However, as time goes on, the rubber bars will become more noticeable because the tread will have worn down. When the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch, the tread wear indicators (TWIs) will be totally flush with the surface. In the event that this takes place, you should immediately get new tires.

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If you don’t do this, you run the risk of driving on tires that have a drastically reduced resistance to hydroplaning and overall poorer grip on surfaces that are wet or covered in snow. Naturally, I advise having the tires replaced even sooner than that; the less tread depth you have, the worse the performance will be in snow and rainy conditions. Make effective use of the tools at your disposal!

Goodyear, to its credit, offers a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles, which, considering the tire’s position in the passenger all-season category and its price point, is quite robust. However, a number of people who have purchased the tire have mentioned that they are dissatisfied with the tread life. Even though this is something that we are unable to verify, the tire should still survive for anywhere between four and five years.

How does it behave on a dry tarmac?

When driving on dry roads, this tire does not exhibit anything particularly remarkable in its performance. Even in the bigger 19-inch and 20-inch dimensions, you shouldn’t expect the responsiveness and steering feel of a grand-touring or performance tire. This is because the tread pattern on these tires is not as dense.

Nevertheless, the Assurance All-Season drives really well and is a good choice for everyday use. Both the cornering grip and the stopping lengths are adequate for safe and stable driving. Additionally, the cornering grip is adequate for adequate stopping distances. It is not necessary to have adequate traction for rapid acceleration as long as your car does not have more than 200 horsepower.

In point of fact, when driven on dry roads, the Assurance All-Season is one of the best passenger all-season tires available. Because of this, as long as you don’t drive like a lunatic, you ought to be entirely content with the way the tire performs.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Review

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season provides every feature that is necessary for driving safely in wet situations, including snow and ice. And it does so for the most part. The resistance to hydroplaning is exceptionally high, placing it on level with the very best tires available in this class.

Despite this, the amount of traction on wet roads, and especially damp roads, is lower than what the top tires in this category are capable of providing. In addition, the stopping distances are somewhat longer than I had anticipated.

This does not, however, imply that the Assurance All-Season should be avoided when driving in wet circumstances. In point of fact, the performance of most tires is significantly worse. Nevertheless, when measured against other brands of premium tires, Goodyear’s competition falls short.

With that being said, how is it on snowy roads?

Because of the Assurance All-Season’s average wet traction, I get the impression that it will not perform very well on roads that are blanketed in snow. Nonetheless, to my astonishment, the reverse is in fact the case.

Since this is not a winter tire, you should be aware that it will not be able to offer you with adequate traction in severe icy conditions. Installing winter tires is highly recommended for people who reside in regions that receive a significant amount of snow and ice throughout the winter months.

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However, if you find yourself in a bind, the Assurance All-Season is one of the best tires in this category for maneuvering through snow. On a light coating of snow, there should be an adequate amount of traction for safe maneuvering, and the stopping distances shouldn’t be overly extended. There aren’t that many passenger all-season tires that perform significantly better in the snow.

Is it suitable for off-road driving?

The Assurance All-Season is not intended to be driven on unpaved terrain. It is possible that it will provide you with some grip on hardpacked terrain; nevertheless, it will likely cause the tread of your tire to become damaged. You might be able to use it in an emergency, but you shouldn’t intend on driving more than a few miles with it.

Is it comfortable and refined?

The designers and engineers at Goodyear put in a lot of work to make the tire more comfortable, and they were unquestionably successful. The Assurance All-Season is not only one of the most comfortable and silent tires in its class, but it is also one of the most pleasant tires overall. Your family will undoubtedly feel cared for and content.

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Should I buy the Goodyear Assurance All-Season?

If you are looking for a premium all-season tire that won’t break the bank, you should put the Assurance All-Season on your list of possible options to consider. The entry-level tire from Goodyear performs well on a variety of conditions, with the exception of wet traction, where it falls slightly short of the category’s finest option.

Nevertheless, the tire possesses a sufficient amount of attributes to offer you a secure, comfortable, and quiet driving experience on a daily basis. And to tell you the truth, our rivals aren’t exactly flawless either. Because of this, I’m going to go ahead and give it the “recommended” badge.

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