Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review: The Ultimate All-Season Tire for a Perfect Fit on Your Vehicle

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  • Superb dry/wet traction
  • Excellent comfort
  • Refined and silent ride
  • Tighter handling and faster cornering


  • Higher price
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The Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus is an ultra-high performance tire that is designed for driving in all kinds of weather and conditions. This is the ideal tire for high-performance sedans, sports vehicles, and crossover SUVs that are designed for sportier driving. This tire was designed to perform well in all weather conditions, including light snow, and may be used year-round. In addition to this, it is famous for its long-lasting comfort and its low levels of noise from the road.

The previous model of the P Zero All Season Plus suffered from a defect that was built in. In the snow and the colder weather, it performed poorly. It worked very well on dry as well as rainy roads, but the levels of grip significantly decreased when the tire was subjected to freezing conditions. In 2016, Pirelli implemented a solution to this issue by modernizing the tire compound. This should be sufficient to address any concerns regarding the P Zero All Season Plus’s performance in the snow. Even while it does not yet deliver a decent performance in light snow, it is significantly better than the model that came before it.

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In this analysis, we are going to look at the characteristics of the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tire. With any luck, you’ll be able to use this information to make an informed purchase decision over a new pair of performance tires.

What are the features of the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus?

The first thing that Pirelli did was modernize and enhance the tread compound. The manufacturer of tires used a sophisticated combination of silica and polymers in order to increase the performance of their P Zero All Season Plus tire. This unique and groundbreaking compound also lessens the rolling resistance of the rubber, which results in increased mileage and improved efficiency in terms of fuel consumption.The tread pattern on the tire has been upgraded to an innovative asymmetric design, and the circumferential grooves have been made broader. This not only improves the performance in wet conditions but also effectively channels water away from the contact patch. The treads are computer-designed with parts of varied size to reduce the amount of noise generated by the road when traveling at faster speeds.

Additionally, the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus comes equipped with solid shoulder blocks, which enable the tire to corner more quickly and provide improved handling. On those broader shoulder blocks, you’ll discover lateral siping that’s designed to increase cornering grip in both wet and dry conditions. The tire even has a solid center rib, which enhances the steering feel and high-speed stability of the vehicle. Winter siping technology has been installed on the inner shoulder of the roadway in order to further improve wet and snow grip.

The tire has a variable tension cable system, a nylon top ply, and twin steel belts, all of which contribute to the tire’s all-weather durability. The end effect is improved wearability, increased comfort, and increased resistance to damage from potholes.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review

How does it perform in dry and wet roads?

It has the exact same feel of a tire designed for really high performance. You are able to cut through a turn more quickly without throwing off the vehicle’s equilibrium. This tire is made to withstand the abuse that comes with driving at high speeds. When the roads are dry, it provides unrivaled traction, and when they are wet, it provides remarkable control. Additionally, Pirelli tires are known for providing enhanced braking performance in wet and icy conditions; the P Zero All Season Plus lives up to this reputation. The enhanced compound and multiple sipes work together to provide the contact patch with a maximum number of biting edges. You won’t have to worry about the tires losing traction even if you accelerate quickly or brake suddenly.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Review

Is it good for snow?

It is a significant improvement over the previous generation, albeit not by a large margin. It is only suitable for driving in conditions of light snow and cold weather. These tires are not designed to withstand snow that is deeper or ice that is thicker. On the other hand, the upgraded characteristics have provided the tire improved traction and performance when driven in the winter.

If, on the other hand, the roads are covered in slush or inches of snow, it is best to place your bets on a set of winter tires that are specifically designed for the conditions. This is something you should keep in mind if you are driving a vehicle that has a robust engine and a great deal of torque. Because of the slick circumstances and the enormous amounts of torque, the tires will continue to spin indefinitely and will try to hold on for dear life.

Is it comfortable and refined?

Oh, you won’t believe how much better it is than you anticipated. The characteristics of a touring tire have been included into the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tire. Within the P Zero All Season Plus, you’ll find a noise-cancelling technology that was developed by Pirelli. The interior circumferential wall of the tire features a sound-absorbing element for further convenience. It functions similarly to a cushion and is placed in between the tire and the road. This innovation not only results in greater and long-lasting comfort, but it also lowers the amount of roaring that can be heard from the tires. And because the smoothness of the ride provided by the tire is not dependent on the depth of the treads, you can anticipate a smooth ride even when the treads thin out on the tires.

How about tire wear?

The original model had a higher fuel efficiency and a longer range. The manufacturer of tires hopes that, with the new compound, the new model would have better mileage than its predecessor. In order to provide their customers with additional peace of mind, Pirelli is now including a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty with their current P Zero All Season Plus offering. It goes without saying that you can’t forget that the rate at which your tires wear is also related to the way you drive. It is difficult to resist the temptation of speed when you have enhanced grip levels like those provided by the P Zero All Season Plus.

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Should I buy the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus?

Yes! This tire is a fantastic option for use on sporty sedans and other types of sports automobiles. Additionally, it is an excellent option for use in sporty crossover vehicles. On the other hand, if you drive a tiny or midsize sedan, this tire might be excessive for your vehicle. It is also more expensive than other tires in the same category that are comparable to it. If you are going to be driving on roads that are snowy or slippery, this is likewise a problematic decision.

When it comes to a new set of Pirelli tires, though, you do get what you pay for. One of the most comfortable ultra-high-performance (UHP) tires available for purchase is the P Zero All Season Plus. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around how excellent grip and unrelenting traction can be produced without sacrificing comfort, noise from the road, or durability. But Pirelli was able to pull it off without making any concessions. It would be foolish not to take into consideration the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus if you drive a sports car of any kind.

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