Primewell Tires Review: Average Performance Overall – Honest Review

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Primewell is a tire brand that is very new to the North American market and is one that causes a great deal of confusion among purchasers. There is a widespread misconception that Primewell is nothing more than a new tire brand to come out of China; however, in North America, Primewell is actually a subsidiary of Firestone (Bridgestone).

In the meantime, the brand is affiliated with Giti Tires in several other regions. Giti Tires is a firm based in Singapore that moved up to the 11th spot on the list of the world’s top tire manufacturers in 2019. Although Firestone and Giti are both well-known and renowned tire manufacturers, does this indicate that you should choose Primewell tires instead?

Hold up a second. Primewell tires are a budget-friendly alternative that are created primarily with owners of older automobiles in mind. If you own a Corolla or a Civic from the 1990s and are in the market for a new set of tires, for instance, these might seem like an appealing choice to you. Because let’s be real here: nobody enjoys the idea of paying more for tires than the cost of the actual vehicle they are driving.

Now, at least in my view, what you said is incorrect. Tires are not only there to allow your vehicle to move, but they are also a crucial component of the vehicle’s safety system. Because poor tires are the primary cause of the vast majority of collisions that take place on public roads, it is imperative that drivers avoid the temptation to buy tires that are very reasonably priced.

In terms of cost, Primewell tires are competitive with those at the lower end of the market; nevertheless, their prices are not quite as low as those offered by Lionhart or Lexani. If you ask me, this is a wonderful thing to happen because such companies do not exactly have a reputation for providing things of a high quality.

How would you rate Primewell’s, then? If you’re looking for a simple response, you can find it right there in the headline of this post. Continue reading, however, if you are interested in learning more about these products. This review of Primewell tires covers everything there is to know about these tires, including the most significant advantages and disadvantages of using them.

In addition, immediately below you’ll find a list of the Primewell tires that I consider to be the best, complete with a concise evaluation that outlines the product’s primary benefits and drawbacks. Let’s dig in!

Top 5 Best Primewell Tires Review​

1. Primewell All Season

Best All-Season Passenger-Car Tire

Primewell Tires Review

The Primewell All-Season is an all-season tire that is made specifically for drivers of compact passenger cars and minivans. The tire offers a safe and stable ride for the driver in both dry and wet situations, but it has less than average traction in the snow.

The tire is quite quiet and comfortable, so the passengers won’t have much of a reason to complain. On the other hand, the treadlife is not very spectacular for the category, and the same can be said about the treadwear warranty of 45,000 miles.

2. Primewell PS890

Best Summer Touring Tire

Primewell Tires Review

The PS890 has a summer tread compound, which allows it to maintain a remarkable level of traction on the road. There is a sufficient amount of grip on both dry and wet surfaces, and there is also a very good resistance to hydroplaning.

Having said that, Primewell does not offer any sort of treadwear warranty on the tire, and the treadlife is hardly remarkable.


  • Very good traction and braking on dry surfaces
  • Good hydroplaning resistance
  • Good wet traction


  • No treadwear warranty specified
  • Short treadlife

3. Primewell Valera HT

Best Highway Tire for SUVs and Trucks

Primewell Tires Review

The Valera HT is a dependable all-season tire that offers the driver good grip regardless of the conditions, and it was designed specifically for owners of trucks and SUVs. Additionally, just like the majority of Primewell tires, the ride quality of the Valera HT is very smooth.

Nevertheless, there is noise when driving on the highway, and Primewell’s website does not include any information regarding a treadwear warranty. Having said that, the pricing is quite inexpensive when compared to others in the category.


  • Smooth ride quality on uneven surfaces
  • Good dry traction and braking
  • Solid performance on wet surfaces
  • Very low price


  • Unresponsive handling with no road feedback
  • Noisy on the highway
  • No treadwear warranty specified

4. Primewell Valera AT

Best All-Terrain Tire

Primewell Tires Review

The all-terrain variant of the Valera performs exceptionally well on hardpacked ground because of the excellent traction that is offered by these surfaces. On-road traction is also extremely good, and it does not matter if the surface is dry, wet, or covered in snow; it performs admirably in all three conditions.

In addition, Primewell offers the best treadwear warranty on this particular tire, which is good for 50,000 miles. However, the Valera AT does have a few drawbacks, such as the fact that it makes a lot of noise when driven on the highway, that its steering feel is subpar, and that it is not designed to handle difficult off-road terrain.


  • Excellent 50,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Very good traction on hardpacked surfaces
  • Stable cornering on the road
  • Good wet performance
  • Usable snow traction


  • Feels cumbersome to drive on the road
  • Noisy on the highway
  • Not the best choice for rock-crawling or mud

5. Primewell PV600

Best Light-Truck and Van Tires

Primewell Tires Review

The PV600 is a tire that is designed for use in commercial settings and is intended for full-size pickup trucks and vans. The casing of the tire is constructed out of a material that is extremely resistant and long-lasting, which contributes to the tire’s ability to endure extremely hard roadways. In the meantime, even with cargo on board, the vehicle maintains a high level of stability and control.

Having said that, despite the fact that there are several sipes across the tread pattern, the PV600 is not the ideal option for driving on snow and ice.


  • Strong and durable casing
  • Supports very heavy loads
  • Good stability on the highway
  • Very cheap to buy
  • Good wet traction

Primewell Tires Review: Buying Guide

Primewell has a strong portfolio of tires, which includes models in the categories of tires that are currently the most in-demand. The touring tires are the brand’s best-selling products, and they are made to accommodate a wide range of passenger vehicles, including those that are newer models as well as older ones, including compact cars, sedans, and crossovers.

Although the manufacturer does produce some performance models, none of them have a summer tread compound and they do not sell tires designed for use on a race track. Instead, the majority of this tire’s design is focused on how it will perform on the road.

Additionally, Primwell provides touring tires for SUVs and crossovers, in addition to highway tires and all-terrain tires for larger SUVs and trucks. In the meanwhile, the business offers tires for light trucks and vans in addition to a comprehensive selection of commercial truck and bus tires. These tires come in a variety of configurations, such as steer tires, drive tires, trailer tires, and all-position tires.

Having said that, Primewell only works with all-season and summer tread compounds; the company’s website does not have a listing for a winter tire. This raises the possibility that the manufacturer will distribute tires of this kind in the years to come.

1. Primewell Tires Positive Aspects

Very Cheap to Buy

The Primewell brand of tires is not even close to being the least expensive option available on the market. However, the price is still manageable for the vast majority of individuals, including those who have budgets that are quite constrained.

In addition, the price difference between Primewell and other brands such as Lexani and Lionhart is not particularly large. This is mostly due to the higher quality of the materials used, the improved design, and the increased number of tests conducted on the tires before they are released onto the market.

Excellent Comfort Throughout the Range

The majority of Primewell tires have their primary focus on providing a comfortable ride. To be more precise, they provide an exceptionally velvety and smooth ride quality, whether on level and bumpy roads. Even when traveling at higher speeds, Primewell vehicles are designed to be as quiet as possible for the driver.

The buyers place a high priority on the elements of comfort. When purchasing a new pair of tires, the ride quality and the amount of noise are the aspects that novice drivers focus on initially. Therefore, if you invest in Primewell tires, you may anticipate a very favorable initial reaction from others.

Tuned for Safe and Reliable Handling and Braking

You should be able to safely handle your vehicle on dry roads with most Primewell tires, and you should also have adequate traction when driving on wet roads. That is, of course, assuming that you do not drive in a too aggressive or hasty manner.

There is no question that Primewell tires adhere to all applicable safety standards; yet, their performance lags behind that of most competitors, particularly when the roads are wet. However, considering the cost, they perform perfectly well, which is certainly the answer that the vast majority of motorists hope to hear.

2. Primewell Tires Negative Aspects

Not Tuned for Aggressive Driving

Even though Primewell tires are designed to perform well in most weather conditions, they are not the best choice for drivers who like to take curves quickly and aggressively. If you apply more force to them, the tires will quickly lose their hold. In addition, as a result of the improved ride quality, the tires do not have an especially high level of responsiveness, and the steering feel is not very good.

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Unimpressive Performance Models

Avoid purchasing a performance model from Primewell if you want to maximize your time spent behind the wheel of a sports automobile. The tires perform OK for normal, day-to-day driving, but they lack the grip and responsiveness required to fulfill the requirements of enthusiast drivers.

Low Treadwear Warranties

Primewell’s treadwear warranties are significantly lower than those offered by competitors in the same class. In addition, they are inferior to certain competitors who are only a little bit more expensive but who frequently provide guarantees that are fifty percent longer.

That’s not a negligible amount for folks who are looking to cut costs on their tire purchases. Simply said, the shorter the amount of time that your tires are expected to survive means that you will have to replace them more frequently, which contradicts the purpose of paying a lesser price in the first place.


When you want to buy tires in the future, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you might want to take into consideration Primewell, which is a brand that falls under the umbrella of Firestone.

This company’s tires do not introduce anything novel to the market, particularly in terms of their technological capabilities or their overall performance. Despite this, I believe that the vast majority of customers will be pleased with their purchase, particularly those who are not looking for the highest possible level of driving performance.

Just remember to check your calculations before making the purchase. Some tires that are slightly more expensive may come with extended treadwear warranties, which means that they will be a more cost-effective choice over the course of their lifetime.


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