Toyo Extensa HP Review: A Reliable and Safe All-Season Tire Option for Your Vehicle

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  • Aggressive tread design
  • Advanced traction and grip
  • Great value for money


  • Mediocre wear
  • Noisy at higher speeds
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The Toyo Extensa HP is still a fantastic option for an all-season high-performance tire that is packed with value, and it is designed for sport coupes and sedans. However, in order to create the Extensa HP II, Toyo modified both the appearance and the functionality of the first-generation Extensa.

However, the translation did not affect anything in any way. The Extensa HP II retains the unidirectional tread design of its predecessor, the Extensa HP, in its second generation. The rubber compound is one of the most significant distinctions between the two. The Extensa HP II takes advantage of a unique silica component that provides stronger wet handling and longer wear for increased durability. The problems caused by wear on the Extensa HP will be solved as a result of this.

The Toyo Extensa HP will be the primary subject of this study. I have written a separate review just for the new Extensa HP II, which you can see here if you are interested in learning more about it. And because the Extensa HP is an older model, it is simple to obtain a fantastic discount on these tires; however, this is only the case if you can really locate them. If you are serious about purchasing a Toyo Extensa HP, you should move quickly because supplies are running low.

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How does the Toyo Extensa HP compare to the Extensa HP II?

It’s not fair to compare apples and oranges in this way. It’s almost as though both tires came from the same family. When looking for a reasonably priced high-performance tire, the Toyo Extensa HP has always been a reliable option. Although it does not have the same level of grip as a tire designed for extreme performance or racing, it has a lot of grip even when the weather is unpredictable.

However, the Toyo Extensa HP does have a flaw in that it wears out more quickly than was stated. It’s not quite as horrible as you might be led to believe. If, on the other hand, you are the type of driver who enjoys going fast (or if you bring your car to the track), the Extensa HP will wear out a little bit more quickly than it normally would. Another issue is that the tire does not provide sufficient traction on roads that are either snowy or wet, which is a major flaw for an all-season tire. But in my experience, the answer lies in the speed at which you are traveling. You won’t be able to notice the reported deficiencies in wet grip and braking performance if you’re driving on a wet highway at highway speeds. A set of ultra-high performance tires, such as the Toyo Proxes 4, is required for automobiles that have been fitted with more powerful engines and are capable of reaching higher top speeds.

Toyo took the feedback into consideration and developed a superior option. In order to compensate for the drawbacks of the original Extensa HP, the second-generation Extensa HP II makes use of a unique silica-based material. How does this affect the performance of the brand new Extensa HP II? Is it possible that it will make the Extensa HP obsolete?

Not exactly. Invest in a set of the more modern Extensa HP II tires as soon as possible if you own a high-performance vehicle that needs a set of sporty tires. However, if you require increased traction and performance from the tire you use for your everyday car, the Toyo Extensa HP is an excellent choice. When you choose the Extensa HP over the HP II, tire retailers will gladly give you a discount because of the significant price gap between the two models. You have an advantage over your competitors due to economies of scale.

Toyo Extensa Hp Review

What are the features of the Toyo Extensa HP?

The incredible amount of value that the Toyo Extensa HP provides for its price is made possible by its extensive list of standard features. It boasts a unidirectional tread design, which not only makes it appear nice but also provides exceptional traction in all kinds of weather. Toyo’s Silent Wall Technology was used in the design of the treads, which results in a ride that is both more comfortable and less noisy.

In addition, the Toyo Extensa HP features a set of four circumferential grooves that are exceptionally wide. Because of this, the tire is able to expel liquids such as water, mud, or snow while you drive. This tire features a multi-function taper design thanks to the kind efforts of Toyo. This helps further with the dispersion of water while also contributing to an increased tread life.

Toyo Extensa Hp Review

How does it perform in wet and dry pavement?

There is no question in anyone’s mind that the Toyo Extensa HP is an ultra-high performance tire. When it was first made available, the Extensa HP was positioned as an accessible performance tire. It was never intended for sporty automobiles or modified motor vehicles. It is an improvement above the factory all-season tire that comes standard on a vehicle, and it achieves this improvement without requiring an excessively high financial investment.

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Having said that, the Toyo Extensa HP works fairly admirably on roads that are either dry or wet, provided that the driver does not use an excessive amount of force. When travelling in a straight line, the tires are able to provide an acceptable amount of traction and grip even at higher speeds. The situation changes when you have to corner. If you are careful with the amount of throttle and steering input that you provide the Toyo Extensa HP, it will respond graciously. Do not, however, anticipate the same conduct when it comes to ham-fisted driving.

However, whether you spend most of your time in the city or only occasionally on the highway, the Toyo Extensa HP is an exceptional alternative to a standard all-season tire. The ride quality is not negatively impacted in any way, despite the fact that your vehicle now has a sportier and more aggressive feel.

Is it comfortable for extended highway driving?

Yes. The Toyo Extensa HP is a relaxed and peaceful way to travel. However, when the pace increases, the rubber has a tendency to make more noise. However, this will also be determined by the NVH calibration that was performed on your vehicle. But if you want to travel in complete silence, the Extensa HP II is even less audible than that. In any event, the Toyo Extensa HP is more refined and has a lower operating noise level compared to cheaper competitors made in China.

How about the wear characteristics?

Toyo is not embarrassed to confess that the Extensa HP does not live up to its expectations in terms of wear. But once more, it’s not so terrible to warrant such a low grade. As I stated earlier, the tire is more than capable of handling the demands of regular driving in the city. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of driving at high speeds on the highway, you will undoubtedly become aware of the Extensa HP’s poor wear characteristics.

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More information regarding the Toyo Extensa HP Review may be found at: By Kauffman Tire

Should I buy the Toyo Extensa HP?

If you just need a basic performance tire for everyday driving, then there’s no reason not to get one. The Toyo Extensa HP is currently available for a lower price than its successor, the Extensa HP II; but, supplies are running out.

However, if you require a greater degree of overall performance, you should set your sights instead on the latest iteration of the Toyo Extensa HP II.

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