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Conquer Any Terrain with These Top 10 Best Tires for Jeep Patriot in 2023 – Expert Review and Buying Guide

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There aren’t many family-friendly compact crossovers on the market today that can boast significant off-road performance. The technology that is necessary for off-roading is not present in today’s SUVs and crossovers; the only exception is the ability to drive over uneven terrain. Not only are they unable to transfer the force to the ground, but their wheels also do not articulate sufficiently. There are only a select few of them that are suitable for off-roading, and the Jeep Patriot is the first one that comes to mind when thinking about these vehicles.

The American crossover has a design that is understated but undeniably powerful, which is one of the reasons why it sold so well. Jeep was able to give the Patriot a decently nice driving experience on public roads as well. In addition, the models that are equipped with all-wheel drive systems are able to provide some significant off-road traction, particularly for the automobiles that are fitted with additional off-road features. However, there is one thing that this vehicle does not come equipped with from the manufacturer, and that is appropriate Jeep Patriot tires.

The compact family crossover that you order from the manufacturer will come equipped with standard touring tires, which are fantastic for navigating city streets. The driver benefits from safe traction on dry and wet surfaces with these tires, as well as a comfortable ride over uneven terrain, a low quantity of road noise, excellent fuel economy, and a completely outstanding treadlife. The only thing they are missing for off-roading is the appropriate stability. Nevertheless, they will be an outstandingly good option for the vast majority of individuals.

The purchase of a pair of all-terrain tires is probably the best option for motorists who plan to travel through undeveloped areas. These tires have a manageable amount of traction on the road, regardless of whether the terrain is dry or wet, and they are not overly uncomfortable. They provide additional useful traction off-road, particularly on hardpacked surfaces, but they are also suitable for mud and rocks. The problem is that there are not a lot of all-terrain tires available in the tire size for the Jeep Patriot. Nevertheless, I came across a great example, and I’ve included it in the collection below.

When compiling this list of the finest tires for the Jeep Patriot, I made sure to include only those makes and models that I believe to be suitable for the people who drive that vehicle. Because it is a vehicle intended for a family, each of the items listed below must be risk-free regardless of the state of the road. In addition to this, the tires should have a long lifespan, in fact, they should have a lifespan that is significantly longer than the OEM ones. In addition to this, I searched for tires that provide a level of comfort that is at least passable, particularly given that the Jeep Patriot is not the most refined crossover vehicle available.

In addition, you can purchase any of the tires on the list below from online retailers, where they are all readily accessible. Be on the lookout for updates on a regular basis, as our goal is to provide you with the finest prices and deals possible. In addition, there is a concise evaluation of each tire, as well as a list of its benefits and drawbacks. Investigate each of these numbers very thoroughly. There isn’t one tire that’s going to be perfect for every single motorist. It’s possible that more aggressive drivers are willing to put up with louder tires in exchange for a superior driving experience, and vice versa.

Having said that, let’s get right down to business and begin our search for the very finest Patriot tires right away.

Top 10 Best Tires for Jeep Patriot

1. Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

Best Grand-Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

At this time, the Patriot Assurance MaxLife tire is by far the most long-lasting option available. The fact that Goodyear spent the majority of the development time looking for methods to extend the treadlife of the tire is evidenced by the warranty that covers treadwear for 85,000 miles. In addition, the tire comes equipped with a technology known as Wear Gauge, which makes use of numbers to indicate to the motorist how much tread depth is still present on the tire.

Goodyear, to their credit, did not overlook any of the other details. Even though the Assurance MaxLife isn’t particularly responsive, it breezes through routine responsibilities with ease. The vehicle’s dry handling and braking are among the best in the category, as is its outstanding wet traction, and its resistance to hydroplaning is among the best in the category. Even on icy surfaces, the Assurance MaxLife performs admirably, which is particularly impressive for an all-season tire.

The Assurance MaxLife is not the most comfortable tire on the market, and it does not have particularly remarkable snow traction or braking performance. Despite this, I believe that it possesses sufficient qualities to be considered a viable choice for owners of the Jeep Patriot.


  • Excellent cornering traction for a tire that is so long-lasting.
  • Easily manipulated even when wet circumstances are present
  • Excellent hydroplaning protection and traction in wet conditions
  • The greatest treadlife of any product in its class
  • Warranty that lasts an exceptionally long time against treadwear
  • When it comes to stopping on ice, all-season tires have good stability.


  • The steering does not have a particularly straight or responsive feel.
  • Uncomfortable over rougher terrain with bigger bumps
  • Snow braking and steering are not the vehicle’s strong points.

2. Michelin Premier A/S

Best Grand-Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

The Michelin Premier A/S is widely regarded as the industry’s premier all-season, grand-touring tire designed specifically for drivers. When you get behind the vehicle, the responsiveness of the tire will become immediately apparent to you. In addition, the Premier A/S will improve the way that your Jeep Patriot handles corners by providing a higher degree of grip and making the braking force more powerful.

Even more impressive is the performance of the renowned Michelin tire when it’s wet. When driving on damp roads, I found that this tire performed exceptionally well. The steering has a surefooted feel to it, there is no indication that the vehicle will hydroplane, and the stopping distances are extremely brief. Because it uses EverTread Technology, the Premier A/S maintains its excellent damp traction even after it has been worn down. This is the Premier A/S’s most impressive feature.

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The Premier A/S, much like other Michelin tires, provides a ride that is not only exceptionally comfortable but also very silent, even when traveling over rough terrain. Having said that, the treadwear guarantee that Michelin offers on the tire is only good for 60,000 miles. This is short compared to the majority of Michelin’s premium competition as well as short for the high price that Michelin guarantees for this tire.


  • The best stopping performance of any grand-touring tire, regardless of whether the road is dry or damp.
  • Excellent grip and traction on dry roadways, especially around corners.
  • A steering sensation that is both responsive and straightforward.
  • A journey that is both comfortable and free from distracting road noise
  • EverTread Technology allows the tire to maintain its wet traction for an extended period of time.


  • When considering the cost, the treadwear guarantee is relatively brief.
  • Very expensive

3. General AltiMAX RT43

Best Grand-Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

North American drivers consistently rank the General AltiMAX RT43 as one of the most sought-after affordable grand-touring tires on the market. In general, the tire may not be up to the standard of premium models, but it comes pretty close and is good enough. In addition, the price is significantly lower, and it possesses outstanding treadlife. Even better, General’s T-rated versions come with a generous 75,000-mile warranty, while H- and V-rated vehicles have a 65,000-mile warranty.

Surprisingly, the price of the AltiMAX RT43 is not easily discernible when driving. The tire has a very responsive feel to it and offers a good steering feel. In addition to these benefits, it offers the driver a secure grip and stability. It also performs well when it is raining because it has a high resilience to hydroplaning and provides a sufficient amount of traction. Even more impressive is that General Tire was able to keep the AltiMAX RT43 comfortable and silent, two features that are sure to win over the hearts of families.

Having said that, despite the fact that it is an all-season tire, the AltiMAX RT43 is not the greatest option for driving in conditions involving snow or ice.


Excellent responsiveness in dry circumstances

Extremely effective traction and stopping power in wet circumstances

Being comfortable over bumpy terrain while also being very quiet at greater speeds.

Exceptionally long treadlife

Excellent treadwear coverage under the guarantee considering the cost.



  • In general, not on par with the premium competition’ standards.
  • Snow traction that is not even close to being the finest out there

4. Continental TrueContact Tour

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

The TrueContact Tour is the most recent iteration of Continental’s critically acclaimed and award-winning touring tires. Naturally, the tire quickly established itself as one of the class-leading tires in the majority of categories almost immediately after its release. Snow stability is the only aspect in which it falls short, but even in that regard, it is not terrible at all.

Most significantly, the TrueContact Tour is capable of deftly tackling day-to-day responsibilities. It is a touring tire, but the rubber feels very responsive for what it is, and it is enjoyable to drive on in the corners. Both grip and adhesion are exceptional, and the necessary stopping distances can be covered in a reasonable amount of time.

The TrueContact Tour continues to surprise with its exceptional hydroplaning resistance when used in wet conditions, where it continues to impress. In addition to that, it offers the motorist outstanding traction as well as shorter stopping distances. In addition, I was blown away by how peaceful the TrueContact Tour is; disturbance from nearby traffic is not a problem at all. The quality of the journey is also exceptional.

In addition to everything else, Continental offers a treadwear warranty for T- and H-speed rated tires that is good for 80,000 miles, making it one of the finest warranties available. In addition, when compared to the cost of other quality tires, the TrueContact Tour is surprisingly affordable.


  • On dry terrain, exceptional control and stopping performance
  • It gives the impression of being very secure and rooted on damp surfaces.
  • Reduced stopping distances required in wet conditions
  • Excellent handling and maneuverability
  • Even at extremely high velocities, there is no audible noise from the road.
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Drives well even on light snow, which is particularly impressive for an all-season driving tire.


  • Ice braking and handling aren’t reliable

5. Michelin Defender T+H

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

There is a strong argument to be made that the Defender T+H is the finest touring all-season tire overall. However, there is a significant financial investment required. In point of fact, it is more expensive than some grand-touring tires, even though some of those tires offer superior driving characteristics.

However, if you are looking for a high-quality touring tire that can be used in all seasons, the Defender T+H is one of the best options available. This is particularly true in regard to its durability, which is superior to that of virtually every other tire currently available on the market. The treadlife is merely outstanding, and Michelin backs all Patriot sizes with a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles.

When driven on public roads, the Land Rover Defender T+H has a very responsive feel and excellent cornering ability. The vehicle also has exceptional traction when it is wet, which is particularly noticeable in the way that it brakes when it is raining. The ride quality is very smooth, and there is very little noise emanating from the road, just like it is with the majority of Michelin tires.

Even though the Defender T+H does provide some traction on slippery surfaces, it is not intended to take the place of winter tires and should not be used as such.


  • Exceptionally quick-acting for a touring tire.
  • On dry highways, exceptional control and stopping ability
  • Traction and stopping power in wet conditions are among the finest in the category.
  • The journey was very smooth, and there was hardly any road noise.
  • Very long treadlife, as well as an outstanding treadwear warranty that covers 80,000 miles.


  • Expensive for the category

6. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

There are times when you can get secure tires for your vehicle without spending an arm and a leg. Consider the case of the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring as an illustration. The American touring all-season tire performs admirably in a variety of spheres of application. Most significantly, in contrast to other low-cost tires, the CS5 Grand Touring has a remarkable level of longevity. The treadlife is extraordinary, and Cooper Tire offers a remarkable warranty on the treadwear that is good for 80,000 miles.

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When you’re actually driving, the experience you have behind the wheel probably won’t leave a good impression on you. Despite this, the CS5 Grand Touring has excellent braking performance and cornering traction for an affordable all-season tire. It also has a very good tread life. Even when it’s raining, the tire won’t be affected in any way by the moisture. The resistance to hydroplaning is very good, and even in the heaviest downpour the tires provide a feeling of safety.

In addition to that, the degree of comfort is exceptional as well. On the highway, the CS5 Grand Touring is exceptionally quiet and travels smoothly over bumps in the road. Having said that, the tire is not the optimal pick for driving in extremely wintry circumstances.


  • Superior wet and dry adhesion and stopping ability
  • Maintaining reliable traction and stopping power in wet circumstances
  • The absolute pinnacle of silence, even at high velocities
  • Very comfortable riding experience overall.
  • Outstanding guarantee on treadwear covering 80,000 miles
  • One of the most reasonably priced high-quality touring tires currently available


  • Doesn’t feel responsive behind the steering wheel
  • Snow traction is only average

7. Continental CrossContact LX Sport

Best Specialized SUV Touring Tires for Jeep Patriot (for 4×4 models)

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

A less well-known driving tire, the CrossContact LX Sport was developed specifically for compact crossover vehicles. As a result of this, I believe that it is an outstanding tire option for the Jeep Patriot. Having said that, there is a significant flaw with this product, and that is the absence of a treadwear guarantee. Because of this, I have some reservations about the treadlife, and if you are concerned about durability, you should probably select another touring tire from the options on this list.

Despite this, the CrossContact LX Sport excels in a number of other departments. The incredible level of silence produced by this tire is undoubtedly one of its most impressive features. This tire, which features ContiSilent Technology, is among the most silent crossover touring tires available on the market today. In addition to that, the journey itself is very smooth. In addition to this, Continental manufactured the tire with a flanged bottom sidewall, which shields your rims from the damage that can be caused by potholes.

When it comes to performance, the CrossContact LX Sport operates exceptionally well both on dry and wet terrain, boasting excellent braking and handling capabilities. The driver has a decent feel through the wheel and the tire is very responsive, both of which are benefits to the driving experience. Even in the snow, stability is satisfactory, which is particularly impressive for an all-season tire.


  • On dry pavement, the handling and stopping are of the highest caliber.
  • Superior stopping and traction in wet conditions
  • Steering that is responsive and has a fantastic feel for it
  • Exceptionally peaceful and comfortable, even over rough terrain
  • Traction in moderate snow that is satisfactory for an all-season tire.


  • This tire is not covered by the treadwear guarantee offered by Continental.
  • There are some questions regarding treadlife.

8. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

Best All-Terrain Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

The Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail could be an excellent option for you if you own a Jeep Patriot and are interested in increasing its off-road traction. The engineers at Falken were able to create a tire that is effective on both paved roads and these wet and slick surfaces.

However, the Wildpeak Trail operates most effectively on materials that are tightly packed, such as dirt and gravel. It is still not up to the standard of other all-terrain tires when it comes to driving in mud, but it is better than a touring tire in this regard. In spite of this, I believe that it is more than adequate for those who drive the Jeep Patriot.

In comparison to road tires, you won’t experience a significant loss of stability when driving on the road. The handling is excellent both when driving on dry and damp terrain, and the stopping distances are not overly extended. The more aggressive tread pattern of the tire makes it very useful on snowy terrain as well, which is the primary reason. Having said that, the same is not true for icy traction, in spite of the fact that the 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) symbol is displayed.


  • Excellent traction on dirt and gravel
  • Durable and strong casing
  • Good on-road dynamics for an all-terrain tire
  • Very good traction on snow especially unpacked snow
  • Exceptional treadlife and treadwear warranty for an all-terrain tire


  • Far from the best all-terrain tire for mud and large rocks
  • Not usable for driving on ice, despite the 3PMSF verification

9. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Best Winter Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is the most capable winter tire that can currently be purchased, and it can be found on the market. Bridgestone was successful in developing a tire that functions reliably over a variety of conditions, including ice, snow, and slush.

The WS90 achieves very good outcomes in every test that it takes part in. The vehicle has outstanding acceleration on snow, and its stopping distances are the best in its class. The situation is the same when driving on icy terrain; the Blizzak WS90 outperforms virtually all of its rivals in terms of traction, handling, and stopping.

Even on wet conditions, the tire maintains its impressive performance. The resistance to hydroplaning is outstanding, which is helpful in conditions with heavy rain and slush. In addition to this, the WS90 has excellent stopping power and maintains a surefooted feel even when driving in the weather. Both the handling in wet conditions and the stopping performance are excellent.

Having said that, Bridgestone does not offer any sort of guarantee covering treadwear on the tire. The treadlife ought to be very good, but given the price, purchasers ought to make sure that’s the case before making a purchase.

10. Continental VikingContact 7

Best Winter Tires for Jeep Patriot

Best Jeep Patriot Tires

The Continental VikingContact 7 is without question one of the most capable winter tires that are currently available. The tire succeeds in terms of its on-road dynamics as well as its performance in extreme weather conditions.

The VikingContact 7 delivers the kind of performance on dry and damp pavement that one would anticipate from a premium tire. It excels in the turns, where it offers a high level of traction to the driver. This makes it particularly useful. Additionally, it has excellent stopping power and provides a comfortable driving experience. However, I would have hoped to see some improvement in the way it brakes in the rain, but even so, it’s not terrible.

The VikingContact 7 shows its true mettle in the harshest of arctic circumstances. It plows through snow like very few other tires can, giving the motorist an increased sense of security while they are behind the wheel. When equipped with this set of tires, you will almost forget that you are traveling in the snow.

Furthermore, the VikingContact 7 drives exceptionally well on ice, to the point where it can immediately compete with the best in its category, the Blizzak WS90, in terms of both its handling and its braking.

The additional road noise and the fact that Continental does not provide any sort of treadwear guarantee are the only things that bother me about the tire. Other than that, it’s great. However, this particular feature is absent from the vast majority of winter tires.


  • Outstanding control and stability in wintry conditions.
  • Performs as well in the snow as the finest winter tires.
  • Traction and steering in wet conditions are at the very top of the list.
  • Outstanding grip and control on icy surfaces for a tire without reinforced studs.
  • Excellent smooth maneuverability and stopping power


  • Not the most silent winter tires on the market today
  • Additional progress in the area of wet stopping could be made.
  • There is no guarantee on treadwear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do OEM Patriot tires come with a treadwear warranty?

No, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires do not come with treadwear guarantees. This is due to the fact that vehicle dealers do not work with tires, which means they will not be able to replace your tires for you if you ask them to. However, the vast majority of new tires come with treadwear guarantees.

  • When should I replace my Jeep Patriot tires?

Replacement of tires is contingent on a pair of variables. The tread level is the first consideration. If the tires do not have sufficient depth, they will not be able to prevent the vehicle from hydroplaning and will not be able to provide the driver with adequate traction on wet surfaces.

The minimal tread depth for all-season tires is 2/32 of an inch, while the minimum tread depth for winter tires is 5/32 of an inch. You should be able to observe the tread depth with the assistance of tread wear indicators, which should be included on the tires of your Patriot. To be more precise, they reach a point where they are level with the surface of the tire when there is the least amount of traction remaining.

However, even if your tires have an adequate amount of tread depth, this does not necessarily indicate that they are safe to use. The rubber on the tires will eventually harden, at which point they will have significantly less traction. Most significantly, an old tire could blow while you’re driving if it’s not properly maintained. Because of this, you should get new tires every four to five years.

  • What’s the correct tire pressure on the Jeep Patriot?

For a vehicle that is not carrying any cargo, the Jeep Patriot has a minimum tire pressure requirement of 35 psi. You should, however, ensure that the tires have the appropriate amount of pressure for a vehicle that is fully filled. You can locate the information in either the owner’s handbook or on the door sill of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

  • How often should I rotate my Jeep Patriot tires?

It is recommended that you rotate your tires every 6,000–8,000 kilometers (or every six months) to ensure their longevity and safety. That corresponds to the mileage between engine changes for the Jeep Patriot. Therefore, if you take your vehicle to an authorized vendor for routine service, they should rotate your tires without charging you extra money for the service. If that is not the case, you should probably have your mechanic or tire specialist do that for you instead.


I sincerely hope that you were able to locate some fantastic tires for your Jeep Patriot with the assistance of this article. In the event that you are still unsuccessful in finding a preferred brand, you should at least make it a point to purchase tires made by respected manufacturers. It is not worth it to buy inexpensive tires because they are not safe to travel on and do not last very long.


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