Experience Ultimate Performance with Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22 Tires: A Comprehensive Review to Help You Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Vehicle

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  • Outstanding cornering grip on dry surfaces
  • Very short dry braking distances
  • Responsive and fluid steering with excellent feel
  • Excellent traction and cornering grip on wet surfaces
  • Strong braking on wet surfaces
  • Very good hydroplaning resistance
  • Rides reasonably well for a UHP tire
  • Not a lot of noise on the highway


  • Light-snow traction is laughable
  • Ice traction is below average
  • The premium competition offers longer treadlife and treadwear warranty

The Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22 is an ultra-high performance tire that is designed for driving in all kinds of weather and conditions. But Kumho took things a step further by developing a tire that keeps its aggressive traction even when driving on roads that are icy or rainy. It goes without saying that a performance tire cannot be regarded good if it cannot give improved handling and enhanced stopping power.

This tire is not like any other high-performance alternative now available. The Ecsta 4X II was designed and developed by Kumho with the intention of having an enlarged tire footprint. Because of this, the tire is able to keep optimum contact with the road throughout all-season driving.

You’ll learn in our evaluation of the Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22 why aficionados continue to go with this tire as their go-to option for their vehicle’s wheels. It turns out that this tire is capable of doing more than just making for an exciting drive.

What vehicles are applicable to the Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22?

Because of its larger contact patch, the Kumho Ecsta 4X II is suitable for use on high-performance sedans and muscle vehicles like the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang, and the Audi A4. This tire is suitable for use on a variety of sports automobiles, including the Mini Cooper S, Mazda MX-5, Nissan 370Z, and Scion FR-S.

And because Kumho is making the Ecsta 4X II available in diameters ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches, it is also an excellent option for compact and athletic crossover vehicles like the Infiniti QX50, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Lincoln MKC, Hyundai Tucson, and Mazda CX-5.

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What are the features of the Kumho Ecsta 4X II?

The Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22 comes with a plethora of features already installed. It all begins with the one-of-a-kind rubber compound that Kumho uses. The Ecsta 4X II is designed to maintain a cooler operating temperature than comparable ultra-high performance rubbers at all times. This indicates that the tire will always be able to retain better levels of traction and grip even after being subjected to extended durations of driving.

The unique compound that makes up the tread is designed to keep its flexibility even when subjected to extremely low temperatures. This indicates that the tire can be used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit without compromising its performance. Although the Kumho Ecsta 4X II was not especially developed for winter driving, it is capable of maintaining a good grip in snowy weather, which is not the case with other performance tires.

The tread block’s increased rigidity contributes to the vehicle’s improved handling and stability. Because of this, the tires are able to keep and keep their shape even when subjected to intense pressure on those extremely tight and winding curves.

The huge tire foot print is perhaps the most well-known quality of the Kumho Ecsta 4X II, and for good reason. When driving in all weather conditions, this factor alone accounts for the increased traction and grip provided by all-season tires. The asymmetric tread design of the Kumho Ecsta 4X II is a perfect complement to the sporty and muscular attribute of your fast car, which is another thing that helps your fast car seem great.

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How does it perform on dry roads?

Driving in everyday conditions is no problem for the Ecsta 4X II. It is not particularly responsive, but I believe that most drivers will find that to be preferable. Most importantly, the tire has a fluidity of performance that very few other inexpensive UHP tires can match. It responds adequately quickly to the inputs provided by the drivers, it feels nice on center, and it communicates quite effectively in the middle of the turn. You can call it a pleasant experience if you like.

Even more impressive is the vehicle’s traction and grip on dry pavement. The Ecsta 4X II ranks in the top three for braking and cornering grip when compared to other UHP all-season tires that are priced affordably.

To be honest, I was taken aback by how well this tire grips the pavement, especially taking into consideration that it is constructed with an all-season compound. Excellent traction for acceleration, very short stopping distances, and the ability to enter curves at some dizzying speeds are all features of this vehicle.

Therefore, if you own a sports car and are looking for a high-performance ultra-high-performance all-season tire, the Ecsta 4X II will meet your needs. Although premium alternatives from Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, and Continental will perform marginally better, the Kumho is among the most capable alternatives available at this price point.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

When a cheaper UHP all-season tire performs well on dry roads, it typically has poor traction on wet roads. This is not always the case, though. On the other hand, not the Ecsta 4X II. The Korean tire manufacturer was successful in developing a superior wet tire that also inspires a great deal of trust in the driver.

When it rains, even a novice driver can feel secure behind the wheel with these tires. Even in conditions of heavy precipitation, the hydroplaning resistance is exceptional. In addition, the tire grips the pavement better than most others, which inspires confidence in your ability to move forward.

In addition to this, even when you go into a bend at an excessive rate of speed, the tires are easy to control even at the limit. Another advantage of the Ecsta 4X II is that when it loses traction, rather than oversteering, it moves into understeer, making it simple to steer.

In addition to this, the tire has a powerful stopping ability when it is wet. It is one of the greatest cheap ultra high performance all-season tires in terms of stopping power, and it also gives the best grip for acceleration.

In general, the Kumho had yet another strong performance. It is worthy of praise that a tire manufacturer in Korea demonstrated that it is possible to have outstanding traction on a dry, damp, and a wet track, and this achievement is made much more impressive when the cost is taken into account.

With that being said, how is it on snowy roads?

The Kumho Ecsta 4X II has a tread compound that performs well in all weather conditions despite the fact that its primary market is comprised of driving enthusiasts. Because of this, consumers anticipate that it will perform very well in both warmer and cooler environments.

In light of this, should you use Kumho’s all-season UHP when the weather is snowy? To be honest, not even close. It’s possible that the Kumho Ecsta 4X II performs really well in the winter on dry and damp terrain, but it’s not very good in the snow. When you start accelerating, you will notice that fact right away. The tire quickly looks for traction, but there are instances when it can’t locate any.

Cornering is far worse. The sharp turn-in that normally occurs on dry as well as wet roads does not trigger any reaction at all here. On snow, the tire steadfastly resists turning in either direction. When it does turn, however, it becomes incredibly difficult to control, which makes it difficult to prevent your car from spinning out of control. The final results show that the stopping lengths are significantly greater than the average for the class.

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On the ice, the tire is able to prove its worth, but just barely. It continues to have terrible performance, but at least in one area it is competitive with the other options.

Now, I am aware that the majority of ultra-high performance all-season tires struggle in snowy situations. However, even in comparison to other products in its class, the Ecsta 4X II performs far more poorly in every category. Driving in conditions as severe as these during the winter is not advisable in any way. It even has some similarities to a bicycle tire used in the summer.

Consequently, if you reside in a location that has winters that are consistently below freezing, I strongly advise investing in an additional pair of winter tires. The Ecsta 4X II is only suitable for locations that have a moderate winter with little snowfall or nearly none at all.

Is it suitable for off-road driving?

Off-roading is generally not something you will do with the Ecsta 4X II because it was built for vehicles with a limited ground clearance. Having said that, even if you did manage to do so, you should be aware that the tire will not offer you with any usable traction. In addition, sharp items have the potential to harm the tread compound and possibly puncture the tire if they come into contact with it.

Is it comfortable and quiet on the highway?

The riding quality provided by UHP tires is typically not smooth, and the vast majority of them are known to be loud when driven on the highway. To our great relief, Kumho was able to improve upon many deficiencies that were present in the Ecsta 4X II.

When compared to a touring tire, the ride on a performance tire is not as smooth. On the other hand, we did not anticipate it being that way. The fact that the Ecsta 4X II can put some of its more costly competitors to shame in this area is impressive, despite the fact that it comes at a lesser cost.

To be more specific, the tire is quite good at absorbing the bumps. The smaller flaws have been smoothed out to perfection, and the larger ones have only left a faint thud in their wake. I was really delighted with the tire’s performance while driving on the interstate. There is a minor disturbance caused to the tire by sharper bumps, but it is nothing too significant.

Additionally, in comparison to other low-cost UHP tires, the Ecsta 4X II produces significantly less noise. Particularly when driving on smooth roads, the tread whine is well muffled. The noise level increases when traveling over rough surfaces, but it’s still nothing too significant. In addition, the majority of UHP tires will produce an even higher level of noise under those conditions.

In terms of its capacity to provide comfort, the Kumho is, as a whole, a well-rounded tire. It jolts quite a bit over severe bumps, but that’s something that most UHP tires do. It is of very high quality considering the cost.

How about tire wear?

On the Ecsta 4X II, Kumho installed the conventional tread wear indicators, sometimes known as TWIs. In order for the owner of the tire to accurately gauge the amount of tread remaining, the manufacturer embeds thin rubber bars into the circumferential grooves of the tire.

UHP all-season tires typically have a minimum tread depth of 2/32 of an inch. The tread wear indicators (TWIs) will be totally flush with the surface when the tire reaches that threshold. Whenever this occurs, you should immediately get a new tire put on the vehicle. This is not only due to the fact that it will not give you adequate traction in wet weather, but also due to the fact that it is against the law.

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The Ecsta 4X II has a treadlife that is comparable to other tires in the category, although there are other options that are superior. There is little doubt that premium competitors like the Continental DWS06, the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4, and the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS will perform far better. In addition, the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty is far lower than what is offered by similar competitors.

It will come as a pleasant surprise to learn that the Kumho Ecsta 4X II also possesses the wear characteristics of a touring tire. The impressive 40,000-mile mileage warranty may sway your opinion if you are still on the fence about purchasing the product. This tire was designed specifically to make long distance driving a pleasurable experience.

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Should I buy the Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22?

The pricing of the Kumho Ecsta 4X II is perhaps the only disadvantage it possesses. Given that the tire can be used in any kind of weather or season, of course the answer to this question is relative. This tire, however, might not be the best choice for you if you are attempting to stick to a strict financial plan or if you are shopping around for a more reasonably priced set of performance rollers.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that a standard set of touring and all-season tires will cost far less than an ultra-high performance set of tires. To tell you the truth, the Kumho Ecsta 4X II has a price that is far lower than that of the competition. However, for the price, you get a real all-season tire that provides superior levels of performance in both wet and dry conditions while making no concessions in terms of comfort or ride quality.

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