Upgrade Your Driving Experience with Falken Pro Touring A/S: A Comprehensive Review and Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Vehicle

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  • Better traction
  • Sharper handling
  • Superb ride comfort
  • Affordable price


  • Average snow performance
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Hello, and thank you for checking out my review of the Falken Pro Touring A/S.

There is nothing particularly novel about the Falken Pro Touring A/S. Even though it was first released in 2017, it has continued to be a reliable performer in the touring category.

The affordable cost of the Falken Pro Touring A/S is the primary factor that sets it apart from the competition. It provides a higher degree of performance and driving comfort throughout the year without making a significant dent in your bank account. Of course, there is a trade-off involved with this, but we won’t discuss that until a little bit later.

At higher speeds, the Falken Pro Touring A/S operates in the same manner that a performance tire would. This is important information to have about this tire. It is one of those that can give energetic driving in addition to its comfort and lifespan on the highway, despite the fact that its primary focus is on the former.

To put it simply, for virtually the same money as a set of standard all-season tires, you can have a tire that is both superior and more sporty. If this doesn’t sound like a fantastic deal for your subcompact car, midsize sedan, or small crossover, then I don’t know what does. I’m sorry. This tire is suitable for use on minivans and smaller crossover vehicles as well. It is obtainable in diameters ranging from 13 inches to 18 inches, making it suitable for a diverse range of domestic and imported automobiles.

How does it perform in wet and dry roads?

The Falken Pro Touring A/S exceeds our expectations in every way. When driving on dry roads, the tire reacts fairly effectively to the steering inputs. When cornering at higher speeds, the vehicle’s traction is more than enough; nonetheless, it will scream and shout when it is pushed to its absolute limit. The same thing takes place if the tire is mounted on a larger or more specialized car that has a more powerful engine.

If you drive a fast sedan like a BMW M5 or a Cadillac CTS-V, the Falken Pro Touring A/S might not be the best choice for your vehicle. However, this tire merits more than a cursory glance for use on sporty crossover vehicles and small cars that have a reasonably quick acceleration. When considering only the cost, it is difficult to find fault with the Falken Pro Touring A/S, particularly if it maintains a firm grip on dry roads.

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On roads that are wet, the narrative stays the same. In order to break through the limitations of adhesion, you will need to make sudden inputs with the steering and the throttle. When driven sensibly on wet roads, the Falken Pro Touring A/S provides a high level of stability as well as powerful stopping power. However, when traveling at faster speeds, the tire has a propensity to search for grip in the wet environment.

Is it any better in the snow?

The answer is no. The Falken Pro Touring A/S excels in both wet and dry conditions across the board. Do you recall what I said before regarding the possibility of reaching a compromise? This pretty much sums it everything. The tire is only suitable for use in very light snow or in weather that is fairly chilly. If the temperature continues to decrease, you should seriously consider purchasing winter tires.

However, the Falken Wildpeak Pro Touring A/S is more than up to the challenge of driving in cold weather when there is no snow on the ground. When driving over conditions that are slushy or extremely wet, the same thing holds true.

What are the features of the Falken Pro Touring A/S?

Falken Pro Touring As Review

The tread compound is likely to be the most beneficial characteristic. In the development of the Pro Touring A/S, Falken made use of their proprietary Dynamic Range Technology, sometimes known as DRT compound. The addition of silica to the compound makes it more malleable, even when exposed to low temperatures.

But the substance also performs effectively when applied to dry surfaces. Even when subjected to high temperatures, the chemical compounds are able to form strong bonds because to DRT. This results in increased traction and a secure grasp. When seen in this light, the stronger shoulder blocks are responsible not only for improved handling but also for a precise steering feel.

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In addition to this, the Falken Pro Touring A/S comes outfitted with four wide circumferential grooves that feature interlocking 3D sipes. This successfully displaces water or slush from the face of the treads while also providing the essential biting edges for the tire to have while it rolls on a range of different surfaces.

Is the tire quiet and comfortable?

Because the Falken Pro Touring A/S is still primarily intended to be used for touring, it is reasonable to anticipate increased levels of comfort and refinement on this tire as well. When driven on smooth roadways, the tire is capable of delivering large amounts of smoothness. However, despite the comfort, there is no point in denying the athletic traction and high-speed stability. Both of these attributes are undeniable.

The level of road noise is also the lowest in its category. At low to medium speeds, the tire produces almost little audible noise; nevertheless, you should anticipate hearing greater tire roar at higher speeds. Nevertheless, it is not as terrible or as invasive as cheaper touring tires from manufacturers that are not well recognized.

How about tire wear?

To reiterate, the longer tread life of the Falken Pro Touring A/S can be attributed to the touring tire DNA that was used in the design of the tire. The rolling resistance of the rubber can also be reduced thanks to the optimization of the DRT compound. In point of fact, Falken is backing their Pro Touring A/S tires with a lengthy treadwear warranty that covers 60,000 miles. With the Falken Pro Touring A/S, you may anticipate a significant number of miles of driving that is both smooth and quiet, provided that the alignment of your vehicle is within the parameters specified by the manufacturer.

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Should I buy the Falken Pro Touring A/S?

It is difficult to ignore the value that the Falken Pro Touring A/S provides for the buyer. It has a more engaging steering feel and performs better in the rain, all while maintaining a pleasant ride on the highway. In addition to this, it produces far less noise while maintaining exceptional wear characteristics. Where else might you discover all of these qualities without having to spend an excessive amount of money?

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To tell you the truth, there are tires out there that are superior and can provide sportier handling. However, there will be an increase in price for you to pay in order to enjoy the pleasure. But if you drive something more basic, like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Sienna, would it make sense to spend more money? Spending additional money on high-performance tires is a waste of resources if you don’t already own a vehicle that can handle the extra power.

But you don’t have to make that tradeoff between convenience and solid traction in every weather. It would be foolish not to take into consideration the Falken Pro Touring A/S if all that you require is an excellent touring tire that provides improved traction.

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