Unbeatable Off-Road Performance at an Affordable Price: Atturo Trail Blade MT Review

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Atturo Trail Blade Mt Review


  • Outstanding traction in mud
  • Usable traction in sand
  • Surprisingly good performance on the road
  • Lower price than its main competitors


  • Not the best rock-crawling capabilities
  • No treadwear warranty
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In the past, the majority of off-road tires were virtually useless for use on regular roads, and purchasing them was also a very expensive endeavor. These days, we have access to solutions that are considerably more reasonably priced because to businesses such as Atturo. It goes without saying that cheaper does not necessarily equate to better value; in fact, some tires are potentially hazardous because they have poor traction and grip. To our good fortune, the Atturo Trail Blade MT does not fall into that category of tires.

The Atturo is one of the best tires you can buy for your truck or SUV since it was designed to provide high levels of traction in the majority of off-road settings while still providing reliable performance on the road at a price point that is cheaper than its primary competitors. When considering the cost, it is difficult to find a product that can compete with this tire.

Within Atturo’s selection of tires, the Trail Blade MT is the model with the greatest concentration on serious off-road performance. The fact that it is called a mud tire gives the impression that it is intended to be used mostly in mud, but the aggressive tread pattern allows it to be useful on other surfaces as well, including gravel, sand, and rocky terrain. If you are willing to accept the Trail Blade MT’s limits, I believe that it is possible to use it for longer excursions even though it is not the ideal option for highway driving, much like the majority of its competitors in the mud-terrain segment.

It would appear that the Atturo Trail Blade MT is an excellent choice for off-road-oriented SUVs and pickup trucks, such as the Ford F-150, Ranger, and Bronco; the Hummer H3; the Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee; the Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Tundra, and FJ Cruiser; the Chevrolet Silverado; the Dodge Ram; the Land Rover Discovery; the Range Rover; and other such vehicles. Having said that, although the Atturo Trail Blade XT is designed to assist four-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicles in challenging off-road environments, I believe that all-wheel-drive (AWD) and four-wheel-drive (4X4) vehicles are a significantly better fit.

What are the features of the Atturo Trail Blade MT?

According to Atturo, the handmade aluminum segmented mold that the tire is built from looks to be the most unique aspect of the Trail Blade MT. This mold allows for a more uniform construction, which is something that is important to him. Then, the Trail Blade MT is outfitted with extra deep tread for improved traction in the wilderness, beveled center tread blocks for biting edge grip and reduced noise on the interstate, and staggered shoulder blocks for lateral grip on soft surfaces. All of these features work together to make the Trail Blade MT an excellent choice. The irrepressible biting tread as well as the menacing-style tread pattern are both here to assist with traction in conditions that are very demanding.

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The Trail Blade MT, much like the other Atturo tires, features an aggressive sidewall that was created by Jared West of Quartermaster Knives. Quartermaster Knives is a producer of folding knives that are extremely well-liked within the off-road industry. This sidewall contributes further to the tire’s ability to excel in traction when driving in thick muck. On LT-sized models, the sidewall is also made of three plies, which means that you don’t have to worry about the tire getting damaged even if you drive through rough terrain. On top of that, the tire is equipped with arched and segmented stone-throwers, which are responsible for the ejection of debris. Wide track drainage is included as standard equipment on the Trail Blade MT, providing increased protection against hydroplaning on the road.

The Atturo Trail Blade MT is offered in a variety of sizes, with lengths ranging anywhere from 16 to 22 inches. This extensive portfolio ought to cover practically every SUV or truck that has been manufactured over the course of the previous twenty years, which is fantastic.

Atturo Trail Blade Mt Review

What are maintenance indicators?

It is unfortunate, but the Atturo Trail Blade MT does not come with any maintenance indicator lights. If, however, your Trail Blade MT tire becomes unusable as a consequence of a qualified adjustable condition within the first 2/32 inches of tread wear, the manufacturer will gladly replace it with another tire at no cost to you. Additionally, Atturo offers a three-year warranty on manufacturer defects, which is not unheard of in this industry but is nonetheless a plus for a tire that is geared at consumers on a tight budget. In spite of this, there is no warranty on the treadwear, which is something that many of the premium competitors provide. If you are concerned about warranties, it is possible that the Trail Blade XT, which has a treadwear warranty of 45,000 miles, or the Trail Blade AT, which has a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles, would be a better option for you.

Is it good for off-road driving?

Isn’t it the primary motivation behind your desire to make the purchase in the first place? If you are looking for an affordable set of off-road tires, the Atturo Trail Blade MT could very well be the best option available on the market today. I was often taken aback by how well the Atturo performed in mud, outperforming virtually all of its competitors at a price point comparable to its own. When driving in muck, acceleration and braking are both smooth and reliable, and the action from side to side is nearly nonexistent. Because of its rigid shell, the Trail Blade MT is not only stable while your vehicle is positioned at an acute angle, but it is also manageable when traveling at higher speeds.

Despite the fact that Atturo’s primary focus was on traction in muddy terrain, the Blade MT performs quite well in sandy environments as well. It is possible that specialized sand tires will provide you with somewhat better performance, but you should keep in mind that this tire will only set you back a small fraction of what those tires will. Another significant advantage is that the Atturo performs admirably well on terrain composed of gravel and loose rock. In spite of this, I feel as though the rock-crawling traction should have been improved; in such a scenario, the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain would have been a more appropriate choice.

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In general, though, the Atturo Trail Blade MT is one of the greatest off-road tires you can install on your truck or SUV right now, and this is especially true when taking into consideration the cheaper price point at which it is offered in comparison to its primary competitors.

How does it behave on the dry tarmac?

When it comes to their ability to perform well on the street, some mud-terrain tires really fall short, but not the Trail Blade MT. Because of the innovative tread compound that was produced using an aluminum segmented mold, the highway stability of these tires is superior to that of competitors selling tires at a price point comparable to theirs and is virtually on par with premium tires. In comparison to other tires in this price range, the braking capability and traction of this tire are both above average.

However, if the most of your driving is done on the highway, you should be prepared for the Trail Blade MT’s tread to wear more quickly. All-terrain or multi-terrain tires, which typically come with treadwear warranties, would be a better choice for drivers who do the most of their driving in circumstances like these in their SUVs and trucks.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

Neither very good nor very bad. In the rain, highway tires and all-terrain tires will perform significantly better than other types of tires, just as they do when driving on dry roads. This is especially the case on damp surfaces, although it also holds true during periods of significant precipitation. However, the majority of mud-terrain tires have the same limitations in this area, and the Atturo is one of the best models available. Because the Trail Blade MT is so effective at preventing hydroplaning because to its broad track drainage, you won’t have to worry about your safety even if it starts to rain while you’re out on the road.

With that being said, how is it in snowy roads?

Atturo Trail Blade Mt Review

The aggressive tread pattern gives the impression that it would quickly eat through snow, however the situation is not quite so straightforward here. The Atturo Trail Blade MT is rated for use in all seasons, but just because it is doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some limits when it comes to working in colder weather. It is built to work in most weather conditions. Rubber that has been exposed to temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) becomes quite rigid, which reduces its ability to grip compacted snow.

To put it another way, as long as the snow is not packed down, the Trail Blade MT is capable of providing you with exceptional traction even in heavy snow. Hard rubber quickly loses traction on packed snow, which can be a very significant impediment for driving on the road. It should be noted, however, that the majority of highway all-season tires also suffer from this issue; it is not unique to mud-terrain tires. It should go without saying that if you reside in a location that receives a significant amount of snow during the winter months, you will require a set of high-quality winter tires to help you navigate through the snow.

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Is it comfortable and refined?

You shouldn’t expect it to be, because the answer is no. Even though the manufacturer tried to reduce the noise with beveled center tread blocks, the Atturo Trail Master MT still makes a lot of noise on the highway, just like the majority of other mud-terrain tires.

When compared to other mud-terrain tires, the Atturo is not the tire with the most noise, but it is also not the tire with the least amount of noise out of the group. On top of that, the ride quality may fluctuate from being very smooth to being hardly acceptable, all dependent on how much air is pumped into the tires. On the plus side, the Atturo can be readily balanced, which is not something that can be said about the company’s other products (the Trail Blade XT immediately comes to mind).

However, these restrictions are not unique to the Atturo, and the truth is that it is impossible to find a combination of tires that combines exceptional off-road performance with a comfortable and quiet ride in a single package. This is especially the case when considering a tire with a price point comparable to that of the Trail Blade MT.

More Atturo Trail Blade MT Review videos may be seen on this page; they were produced by lmfscrew.


Should I buy the Atturo Trail Blade MT?

If you are looking for a set of tires that will provide you with maximum traction on the majority of off-road surfaces, the Trail Blade MT is the only option I can think of that you shouldn’t go with. In addition to providing exceptional traction and durability in the wild, it is available at a price point that is cheaper than that of its premium counterparts. This Atturo tire will not let you down, provided that you are willing to put up with a little lower level of rock-crawling performance.

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