Maximize Your Driving Experience with Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus: A Comprehensive Touring Tire Review

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  • Low-rolling resistance improves fuel consumption
  • Excellent traction in dry and wet conditions
  • Extremely durable – 90,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Supremely quiet and comfortable


  • Limited size availability
  • Not the most responsive tire around
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In today’s market, the typical consumer is looking for a set of tires that are usable in the majority of driving conditions, durable, and reliable, all while remaining affordable. However, to our knowledge, there is no tire on the market that is capable of achieving all of those goals. At the very least, not the most recent one. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of money if you want the greatest tires available in their particular category.

If you want the best set of touring tires, for instance, you’re looking into the domain of Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, and Pirelli. P4 Four Seasons Plus, a touring tire designed to give a combination of good grip throughout the year, strong braking performance, and outstanding longevity, was just recently released by the Italian manufacturer, for example.

Pirelli is mostly recognized for its high-performance product line; every auto enthusiast harbors secret desires to obtain a P Zero. Having said that, in addition to being wonderful for comfort, their tires are excellent. The P4 Four Seasons Plus is the successor to its predecessor, the P4 Four Seasons, and it features various enhancements over its predecessor. Not that it was necessary because the model it replaced was already among the most capable touring tires available on the market. However, we won’t be too vocal about our complaints, of course.

The P4 Four Seasons Plus competes in the segment of the tire market that sees the most cutthroat competition due to the fact that it was built specifically to meet the requirements of drivers of sedans, minivans, crossovers, and coupes. Nevertheless, the size range could feel restrictive to some people. The Pirelli P4 is only available in three different wheel sizes: 15 inches, 16 inches, and 17 inches. This indicates that the vast majority of brand-new, higher-grade automobiles are not protected. You are out of luck, for instance, if you possess a new crossover and it happens to have tires that are 18 inches in diameter. It is possible to say the same thing about other automobiles, such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Ford Fusion.

To put it another way, Pirelli claims that the P4 Four Seasons Plus is aimed at drivers of minivans, sedans, and coupes; nevertheless, we believe that it is more targeted toward drivers of subcompact and compact vehicles. The Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics of the automotive world. Older minivans and crossovers typically come equipped with wheels measuring 16 or 17 inches, which makes them excellent candidates for the P4 Four Seasons Plus. However, this only applies if you own one of the more recent versions. However, if you require greater dimensions, Pirelli’s Cinturato P7 model can accommodate your needs.

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Aside from the availability of several sizes, the Pirelli has a lot going for it in terms of technology. Keep reading to learn more about the features of the Pirelli, and then check out the complete review further down the page to learn what we think about the P4 Four Seasons Plus.

What are the features of the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus?

The P4 is a tire that is designed to be used in all weather conditions, as its name suggests, making it ideal for use throughout the year. Pirelli spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the profile and reinforcing the shoulders of the P4 Four Season Plus in order to improve wear, which is one of the tire’s most notable advantages.The high-silica tread compound is also tailored for a quiet ride and low rolling resistance, which, as you surely already know, improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions. Both of these benefits come from the compound’s optimization for low rolling resistance. The P4 has excellent traction throughout the year as a result of its all-season design, which includes variable angle grooves and continuous center ribs. This design allows for optimal performance in a variety of weather conditions. In conclusion, the rather evident middle longitudinal grooves reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning, which in turn improves traction and stopping ability in conditions of heavy rain.However, Pirelli did not end their work there. They adjusted the casing profile with an internal structure that incorporates twin steel belts and spirally wrapped nylon for long wear, improved ride quality, and durability. Additionally, they used innovative materials and advanced processing processes to reduce rolling resistance even further. Because of the enhanced tread design and meticulous attention paid to noise reduction, the finished product should be a tire that is noticeably less noisy.

Pirelli’s overarching goal was to pack as many capabilities as possible into a single tire. According to the promotional materials that the company provides, the P4 Four Seasons Plus should be highly comfortable and quiet, it should function properly in dry, wet, and snowy environments, and it should also be very long-lasting. Let’s find out if they were successful, shall we?

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus Review

What are maintenance indicators?

The tread wear indicator bars are included into the design of the Pirelli P4 Four Season Plus tire. This tire is designed for all four seasons. When the tread is new on the tire, they are nearly impossible to see. However, as the tread wears down, they become somewhat apparent. You should get new tires as soon as the tread is even with these markers since this indicates that the tread is completely worn out.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that happening anytime soon because the P4 Four Seasons Plus comes with a treadwear warranty that covers 90,000 miles for an infinite amount of time. Even when compared to warranties offered by other premium companies, this one stands out as one of the best warranties currently available. This also translates into the real world, as owners have reported that the tread on their P4 Four Seasons Plus tires seems to have an indefinitely long lifespan.

When it comes to the uniformity warranty, Pirelli covers the first 2/32 inches of wear for an entire year, which is above average for the category. In addition, they provide a free replacement within the first year after 2/32 inches of wear and a 30-day trial period during which you can test the tire to see whether or not it meets your needs.

In general, you shouldn’t experience any issues with the P4 Four Seasons Plus that are related to treadwear. Even if your vehicle has a broken suspension, it is more likely that you will experience problems with the vehicle’s uniformity first.

Is it good for off-road driving?

The P4 Four Seasons Plus is not a tire that is suitable for usage in off-road environments under any circumstances. To put it more succinctly, it will become immobilized on any slippery surface, including rocks, dirt, or sand. On gravel, however, the P4 can still be used as long as the driver does not subject the vehicle to an excessive amount of strain. Sincerity demands that I tell you that if you want your car to perform well off-road, the very least you can do is equip it with all-terrain tires.

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How does it behave on the dry tarmac?

Especially if you drive a more powerful car, the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus is not the most gorgeous tire to drive on the road, and this is especially true if you have purchased it. Having said that, this is a touring tire, so you shouldn’t even anticipate high-performance maneuverability from it. The P4 does not have the same level of responsiveness as sportier tires, and in my opinion, there are other options available that are superior to it in this aspect as well.

However, the vast majority of drivers of subcompact and compact vehicles are more concerned with knowing whether or not the tire is safe and dependable than they are with the tire’s responsiveness and precision. And, you are aware of what? Regarding this particular aspect, the P4 Four Seasons Plus is among the very best products in its class.

Even under extreme acceleration, the traction is fantastic, and this holds true regardless of the temperature. Additionally, the grip is excellent, and the braking capability is up there with the finest that the category has to offer. I particularly enjoyed the P4 Four Seasons Plus’s stability in a straight line while driving on the highway, which is something that is frequently significant to customers shopping in this category.

To put it another way, the P4 tire is not going to provide you with the most delightful driving experience, but it will provide you with the highest level of safety.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

The fact that Pirelli focuses so much on how well their tires function in the rain definitely pays off here. The tire has a great resistance to hydroplaning thanks to its tread design, which has been modified to include two central longitudinal grooves. Even in conditions of severe precipitation or when driving through puddles of water, the Pirelli is able to get you where you need to go with a minimum of bother. Because of the innovative tread compound, the P4 Four Seasons Plus is also quite good when driving in wet weather. Its traction, grip, and stopping power are all very close to being the best in their respective categories.

With that being said, how is it in snowy roads?

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This tire is advertised by Pirelli as being useable in every conditions, which also means that you should anticipate having adequate traction in the winter. That is correct only if there is a lack of precipitation, which is not the case while snow is falling. Even though it may be driven on in light snow, the P4 Four Seasons Plus is not considered to be a true winter tire. To the company’s credit, the vast majority of its rivals in the touring category are likewise capable of competing with the Pirelli.

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Is it comfortable and refined?

You bet it is! That is one of the primary advantages of purchasing the P4 Four Seasons Plus that you should take into consideration. The ride quality is among the best in the category and may maybe be the best overall. The suspension of your car has a lot less work to do because little defects in the tire are readily eaten away, and this makes the suspension more comfortable. Even at greater speeds, there is not an appreciable amount of noise. In point of fact, the P4 is one of the tires that offers the lowest possible level of road noise.

More reviews of the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus can be found on this website; the films were produced by Fusion Kidd.


Should I buy the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus?

If the tire shop near you has them in stock, it is my opinion that you ought to make the purchase. The P4 Four Seasons Plus tire might not be the most responsive tire in the world, but for the majority of drivers of subcompact and small vehicles, it offers all-weather grip and braking characteristics that very few tires in its category can match. The Pirelli is not only extremely comfortable, but it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of fuel that your vehicle uses. At the end of the day, the treadwear warranty of 90,000 miles for an infinite amount of time is simply unsurpassed.

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