Federal Tires Review: Exceptional Value for Money with Great Products

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Although many drivers of passenger cars may not be familiar with the name Federal, the Taiwanese tire producer has been in the business of creating tires for a considerable amount of time. This is essential information to have, especially given the fact that it appears that a new low-cost tire manufacturer enters the market and competes for market share every year.

These producers, on the other hand, usually always sell tires that are both inexpensive and poorly developed. These producers don’t bother with research and development; instead, they simply combine whichever rubber elements are available at the lowest cost and then steal tread designs from other companies. The outcomes are frequently subpar, particularly when performed on surfaces that are slippery.

To our great good fortune, Federal is not that sort of low-cost tire company. It is true that the company’s products are more affordable than the premium tires manufactured by Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, and Pirelli, but they are not as inexpensive as certain Chinese tires.

In addition, Federal Tire was established as a business in 1954, and from 1960 until 1979, it collaborated with Bridgestone on the research and development of several tire models. Then, between the years 1981 and 2000, Federal also collaborated with Sumitomo Tires, a Japanese tire producer that currently holds the position of fifth largest in the world.

After gaining insight from more seasoned businesses in the same industry, Federal made the decision to begin creating tires on its own. The corporation now exports its wares to 121 different nations, including the United States of America and Canada.

Federal Tire is already well-known in the world of enthusiasts for its high-performance tires, which are considered as being affordable despite their high level of performance. The manufacturer’s all-terrain and mud-terrain tires have earned a strong reputation within the off-road world.

Recently, Federal has begun to place a greater emphasis on the development of high-quality winter tires for the majority of passenger cars, touring tires with a performance-oriented design, and commercial tires for vans.

In general, Federal carries a fairly extensive catalog of dependable and secure tires in their inventory. Although it is true that its products cannot compete favorably with those produced by premium manufacturers, the value provided by its tires is still satisfactory.

In order to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of Federal’s wares, I have provided a list of my five favorite tires produced by the company, along with a brief assessment of Federal Tires and its benefits and drawbacks.

Following the list is where you will also discover a concise guide to purchasing Federal tires.

Top 5 Best Federal Tires

1. Federal SS 595 RPM

Best Summer Performance Tire

Federal Tires Review

The SS 595 RPM is Federal’s most best-selling tire model currently available. The SS 595 RPM is an ultra-high-performance summer tire with a pedigree in motorsport. It offers exciting performance at a price point that is far cheaper than that of the premium competitors.

When the driver is out on the track, the tire offers very high levels of grip in the corners and outstanding traction for when they need to accelerate. Although the premium competition is noticeably superior, the gap between the two can only be experienced during timed runs. In addition to that, the SS 595 RPM has excellent stopping power.

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However, taking into consideration the fact that it is a high-performance tire, the steering feel is not particularly spectacular. Simply said, the tires do not have the cutting edge that consumers typically associate with extremely high-performance goods. Additionally, the traction in wet conditions is not particularly spectacular.

Despite this, the Federal SS 595 RPM is an appealing choice for inexperienced drivers on the track due to its affordable price.


  • Excellent cornering grip
  • Short braking distances
  • Very good high-speed stability
  • Very cheap for the category


  • Responsiveness and steering feel are far from impressive
  • Wet traction is below average
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2. Federal Couragia FX

Best SUV All-Season Tire

Federal Tires Review

Tires belonging to the Couragia family are manufactured by Federal and are designed with drivers of mid-size and big vehicles and SUVs in mind. Although the off-road models are more popular with purchasers, the FX is the model that I personally find to be the most appealing.

The Couragia FX is available at a fairly reasonable price, particularly if you choose for the larger sizes. Despite this, the tire has a very good performance when used on dry roads. The steering is responsive enough, and there is a high level of grip and traction, as well as short stopping distances.

Even when traveling at greater speeds, the tire will not make a lot of noise and will provide a comfortable ride for you and your family. In spite of this, the Couragia FX does not perform as well as premium tires do on icy roads, snow, and wet pavement.


  • Safe and agreeable handling
  • Good highway directional stability
  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Good treadlife
  • Very cheap


  • Wet traction is off the pace in the category
  • Snow traction is below average for the class

3. Federal Couragia MT

Best Off-Road Tire

Federal Tires Review

The Couragia MT is a tire that is highly well-liked in the off-road scene. The primary reason for this is because it performs exceptionally well on slippery terrain.

You would be hard-pressed to find a tire that performs as well not only in mud but also over large boulders for the price that this one does. Additionally, the Couragia MT is quite usable even on hardpacked ground, and it looks every bit the part.

Having saying that, the performance off-road isn’t all that impressive. The tire has just average traction on both dry and wet ground, and it is both loud and uncomfortable to ride on. Additionally, some customers have reported quicker tread wear. On the bright side, the tire does quite well even in heavy snow thanks to its tread design.


  • Outstanding mud-terrain traction
  • Excellent deep-snow traction and braking
  • Extremely low price for the category
  • Available in most sizes for SUVs and trucks


  • Treadlife isn’t very impressive
  • Handling and stability on the street is lackluster
  • Very loud at higher speeds
  • Not very comfortable ride

4. Federal Formoza FD2

Best All-Season Touring Tire

Federal Tires Review

For those who drive compact or mid-size cars, the Formoza FD2 is an appealing alternative to consider. In spite of its low price, the tire provides excellent handling along with short stopping distances on paved surfaces that are dry.

Although the tire’s performance in wet weather is not quite as good as that of its premium competitors, it is nevertheless safe to use and may be driven on. Snow traction, on the other hand, is not sufficient for extremely wintry circumstances.

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The fact that the Formoza FD2 offers its riders a ride that is both very smooth and very quiet is undoubtedly the nicest feature of this particular model. While it appears that the treadlife will be rather satisfactory, it is unfortunate that Federal does not provide any formal information regarding a treadwear warranty.


  • Very good handling on dry pavement
  • Safe and drivable in wet conditions
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Good treadlife
  • Cheap to buy


  • Snow traction and braking are abysmal
  • No treadwear warranty specified

5. Federal Himalaya Iceo

Best Winter Tire

Federal Tires Review

The Himalaya Iceo delivers the performance that was promised during the winter thanks to its aggressive tread pattern that features micropumps, zigzag blocks, and a high sipe density.

Even on slippery roads, the tire maintains its ability to provide safe handling and effective braking. Additionally, it is compatible with snow. In addition to this, the tire has excellent hydroplaning resistance and may be used even while it is raining.

Having said that, the Himalaya Iceo does not perform as well on ice terrains, particularly when compared to premium competition. It’s not that it’s unsafe, but the handling isn’t particularly spectacular, and the stopping distances are greater than those of other vehicles.


  • Excellent snow traction and braking
  • Works on icy surfaces
  • Good in the rain


  • Handling and braking on dry surfaces

Federal Tires Review: Buying Guide

In general, Federal provides a large catalog of quality tires that can be purchased at extremely competitive costs. Nevertheless, the business falls short in a few key areas, particularly when measured against more well-known competitors in the industry.

The following is a general review of the positive aspects of Federal’s products, as well as some of the company’s less favorable aspects. You can use this as a basic overview of the corporation, but keep in mind that not all of these points are applicable to each and every tire that Federal designs and manufactures.

1. Federal Tires Positive Aspects

Safe Handling

The same cannot be true about the products that Federal sells, despite the fact that many inexpensive tires aren’t particularly good when it comes to safety. The Taiwanese manufacturer manufactures tires that are safe to use on public roads due to their acceptable handling, high levels of grip and traction, and very short stopping distances.

The tires made by Federal can also be used on damp terrain. Even though they do not provide the same level of class-leading traction as tires manufactured by Michelin, Continental, or Bridgestone, they are nevertheless suitable for normal day-to-day driving.

Good Treadlife

A simple online search reveals that customers who have purchased tires from Federal are pleased with the treadlife of their purchases. Again, the tires won’t last as long as the premium options, but it appears that Federal found a fair compromise between pricing and durability when designing these products.

Comfortable and Quiet

At least in terms of comfort, the Federal passenger tires seem to be among the best available, particularly when they are brand new. The ride quality, which appears to be on par with that of some more expensive tires, is a particular point of satisfaction for owners. The noise is also not a very significant problem, although some models may be noisier than premium tires on the highway, especially when worn down. This is especially true for older models.

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Very Low Prices

When compared to their premium counterparts, Federal Tires’ prices are significantly lower than those of their competitors. The cost reduction on some tires will be more than one hundred dollars, which is not an insignificant number by any stretch of the imagination. It is essential to note that the Taiwanese tires appear to provide extremely good performance for the price that you spend.

2. Federal Tires Negative Aspects

No Treadwear Warranties

At least according to the company’s official policy, Federal does not provide a treadwear warranty with any of its tires, including the touring passenger tires. This is probably something that the corporation leaves up to the dealers, which is not very spectacular on the company’s part.

Now, it’s true that Federal is a thrifty firm, but many of other businesses that sell tires in the same price range as Federal do offer treadwear warranties on their products. At the very least for their touring all-season tires, I believe that Federal should offer treadwear warranties so that customers can buy their products with complete confidence.

The Tires aren’t Responsive or Engaging

It would appear that Federal has mastered the art of producing a high-quality tread compound. Its ultra-high-performance summer tires, which have an astonishingly good traction on the road, are one indication of this fact.

However, the company has not yet mastered the art of producing tires with a pleasant riding experience. When compared to other tires in their respective categories, its tires do not have a very good responsiveness, especially when seen in isolation.

Overall, this makes driving on winding roads with Federal tires a less enjoyable experience. When it comes to the interaction between the driver and the steering wheel, I can think of a dozen different tire manufacturers that offer more engaging tires.


It is never a smart idea to buy tires from a manufacturer you are unfamiliar with, but at least you can now place Federal on your “whitelist.” Even in comparison to Cooper Tire, General Tire, or Firestone, the Taiwanese manufacturer is still unable to compete with the industry’s most prestigious luxury brands.

On the other hand, Federal provides items that are not only safe, comfortable, and long-lasting but also offer a very good value for the money.

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