Refinish Aluminum Wheels

Get Your Wheels Looking Like New: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide on How to Refinish Your Aluminum Wheels

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How should the finishes be applied to the aluminum wheels? Is it possible for me to complete it at my house, or should I take my vehicle to the garage? Check out our instruction, which is not only affordable but also very simple.

Before we get into the meat of “how to refinish aluminum wheels,” we want to make it clear that your aluminum wheels are susceptible to damage. Refinishing aluminum wheels is a very time-consuming process in its own right. However, you can do it on your own and save some money by doing so.

How To Refinish Aluminum Wheels

It is possible for you to refurbish the aluminum wheels on your own.

Why do You Need to Refinish the Aluminum Wheels of the Car?

Therefore, the following are some significant factors that contribute to damaged aluminum wheels:

Parking too close to the curb checking: If you position your vehicle in such a way that it is too close to the curb checking, it will cause the wheel to rub against it.

Road debris: When traveling at high speeds, there are always going to be dust, salt, detritus, and other impediments on the road that can damage your aluminum wheel. Roads in colder regions, such as the northern states, are typically de-iced with salt. In addition to this, it is the primary factor that contributes to the damage done to the aluminum wheels.

What Do You Need to Refinish the Aluminum Wheels?

In order to refinish the aluminum wheels, you will need to get a few helpful instruments ready, including the following:

  • Sandpaper: You can use either 500 or 200 grit, or even both of them, to get the desired result.
  • Sandblaster
  • Spraying gun
  • Wire brushes
  • Polishing of metals and wheel polishing (your favorite color)
  • Clean rags
  • Tape and a few pieces of paper (newspaper or discarded paper that you no longer need to use)
  • Gloves and masks
How To Refinish Aluminum Wheels

When refinishing the aluminum wheels, mittens are an absolute necessity.

How to Refinish Aluminum Wheels at Home?

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the detailed instructions for refinishing the aluminum wheels.

1. Step 1: Clean the Old Rims

To begin the process, you should focus on eliminating as much of the wrongdoing on the side as you possibly can. At this point in the process, you should begin by using some wire brushes.

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It is possible to clear all of the edges with a wire brush by combining the use of a wire brush and a steel brush, which will result in the debris being removed. When it comes to cleaning in the crannies, the brush will be of greater assistance to you.

2. Remove Remaining Pits and Burrs

Sandpaper should be used first to eliminate any pits or burrs from the surface of the material. It is imperative that all of the openings and burrs that are still present be removed. If you do a good job with this task, the refurbishing of your wheels will result in a smoother surface.

In the second step, extract each and every cap from the wheels by using the sandblaster.

In the third and final step, you will need to perform a final cleaning of the edges using unadulterated and soapy water. You will be able to make out the actual dirt and filth that is on the wheel. In addition to that, you can use the spray-nine to remove the heavier grease as well.

3. Prepare for Painting

When you are finished scrubbing it, you need to put it aside for about three hours so that it can dry. After that, you can begin the process of removing the tires from the wheels so that the tires will not be dirty when the paint is applied.

In the event that you do not wish to remove the tires, you can cover it with paper and adhesive instead. It is imperative that you do not forget to include the entire tire because the appearance of your wheels will suffer greatly if the tire is not spotless.

It is best to start by applying a coating of paper, and only after that should you position the paper using tape. It will be much simpler for you to remove the paper once you have completed it if you carry out this process first.

4. Start Refinishing

You need to take the time to check once more to see if there is any dust on the vehicle before you start the process of refinishing the wheels. Because you can’t undo the damage once it has been done, this is your one and only opportunity to get it right.

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Are you absolutely certain that there won’t be any problems? If this is the case, you can begin by opening the wheel polish or paint in the color of your choice, placing it in a spraying gun, and beginning the process of creating a fresh coat for your vehicle’s wheels.

You won’t be able to evenly distribute the paint across the whole wheel with your hands, so you shouldn’t even bother trying to apply the color with a brush. In addition to that, the spraying gun has the capability of producing a thin coating of paint that is able to cover every nook and cranny of the wheels.

5. Finishing

If you have reached this stage, you have completed the process of refinishing the aluminum wheel. If you want to make sure that the paint is completely dry, the next thing you need to do is set it aside in a well-ventilated area for at least five hours.

After that, you can take off the tape and throw away the documents. And ultimately, you have brand new wheels made of aluminum!

How To Refinish Aluminum Wheels

Before and after

Notices When Refinish the Aluminum Wheels?

When refinishing aluminum wheels, it is imperative that protective gear such as gloves, masks, and eyewear be worn at all times. Do you know the reason why? This is due to the fact that the pits have a strong propensity to flutter, the process of cleaning them is difficult, and the odor of paint is very strong.

Do not put your safety in jeopardy by wearing shorts or a blouse with short sleeves. The dust will fly at you and adhere to your skin, and it will be very difficult to remove, so it will be a source of great annoyance.

When it comes to refinishing the wheel, the best technique is to start by removing the tires from the rims. You have the option to skip this stage, however, if you do not wish to repeat the process of reinstalling it and do not wish to spend any additional time or money doing so.

Because there will be so much dust and odor in the small and compact garage, it would be best if you refinished the aluminum wheels in a more open area. This is because the dust and odor could be harmful to you.

When applying the paint, you should make sure to use at least three layers of color, and you should allow some time for each coating to dry in between applications.

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Please do not place the wheel in direct sunlight because, despite the fact that it may speed up the drying process of the paint, it may also cause damage to the tires.

Final Words

Having a vehicle is a luxury that doesn’t come cheap. Every little thing can end up costing you quite a bit of money when you drive your car into the garage. Therefore, having a car requires you to have a certain level of specialized expertise. mainly due to the fact that there are always things that you are capable of fixing and repairing all by yourself. Just make it a fun exercise to do on the weekend, and put your money toward other endeavors.

The information on how to refinish aluminum wheels is provided here in the hopes that it will be of assistance to you. In the event that you have any questions or comments regarding the refinishing of aluminum wheels, please feel free to leave a message below and share them with us.

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