Hankook Kinergy ST Review: The Ultimate Touring Tire for Reliable All-Season Driving Experience

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  • Excellent wet and dry performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Superb 70,000-mile warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Tire roar at higher speeds
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Choosing a sweet at the candy store is a lot like perusing the selection of tires that Hankook offers. However, the Hankook Kinergy ST (H735) is a variation that should not be ignored for any reason. There is a possibility of misunderstanding between this tire and the more expensive Kinergy PT H727.

The tire compound is what differentiates these two options, in addition to the price difference. Because the Kinergy PT is a premium touring tire, Hankook combined silica with a carbon black compound for the tire’s compound. Because of this, the tire is able to perform effectively in a variety of weather conditions while maintaining its level of comfort, fuel economy, and tread life.

However, despite the fact that the Hankook Kinergy ST has a more affordable pricing, it still possesses a significant number of advanced capabilities. Both of these tires are designed for the same types of vehicles, including compact cars, sporty hatchbacks, midsize sedans, small crossovers, and family vans. They share the same characteristics and are designed for the same purposes. This indicates that the Hankook Kinergy ST delivers the same level of performance as the Kinergy PT, albeit having a cheaper cost.

What are the features of the Hankook Kinergy ST?

Do you remember the one-of-a-kind tire compound that came standard on the Kinergy PT? The Kinergy ST was developed in a comparable manner by Hankook. However, rather than employing molecules of carbon black in its construction, the Kinergy ST makes use of a dual-filler chemical. When subjected to varying atmospheric conditions, the rubber is able to keep its pliability as a result of this.

The tire has a firm center tread rib that is designed to increase the tire’s stability as well as the steering sensation. In addition to this, it has tread blocks that are more rigid, which results in more even wear and improved handling. The treads have variable traction grooves, which increase both braking performance in wet conditions and grip in snow. Along with the various notched sipes and variable angle sipes with increased kerf lengths, this innovation works to further boost traction on roadways that are wet or snowy.

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The Hankook Kinergy ST includes a noise-tuned sipe design as well as an optimized pitch sequence to cancel out road noise, both of which work together to ensure a smooth and quiet ride for the driver. This tire might be the default option, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the elements that contribute to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Hankook Kinergy St Review

Is the tire durable?

When it came to ensuring the durability and reliability of the Hankook Kinergy ST, Hankook pulled out all the stops and used every strategy in the book. The tire has a jointless strong bead wire and a high-stiffness bead filler installed in it for added support. In order to maximize the tire’s tensile strength and longitudinal stability when being driven at high speeds, it is constructed with broader twin belts and a jointless full cover strengthened belt.

How does it behave on dry and wet roads?

On both wet and dry roads, the Hankook Kinergy ST drives in a manner that is surprisingly analogous to the Kinergy PT. The fact that Hankook’s touring tires have the grip levels of a sportier performance tire is something that really impresses me because it’s a tremendous complement for a set of tires that’s intended to be used for everyday driving. Even on the roads with the most moisture on them, the tire has a great stopping capability, which is something you will value.

However, if you really push it, you shouldn’t have any trouble unseating the tire. As far as I can tell, this is one of the most significant distinctions between the Kinergy ST and the Kinergy PT. The former provides an excellent amount of traction but does not like to have a lot of force applied to it while it is turned. On the other hand, the latter is more suited for driving in a more athletic manner.

The situation is much the same when it is wet. The Kinergy ST, which is quite similar to the Kinergy PT, includes circumferential grooves that are deeper in order to effectively prevent aquaplaning. Because of the tire’s ability to maintain traction without even breaking a sweat, braking performance is unaffected by wet conditions.

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Hankook Kinergy St Review

How does it perform in snow or cold weather?

M+S is the rating given to the Hankook Kinergy ST H735. This indicates that the tire is built to tolerate light mud and snow, albeit to a little higher degree than typical touring tires would be able to handle such conditions. In spite of the fact that this is still the case, the Hankook Kinergy ST is not the best choice for extended driving in cold weather. In addition to that, I learned that it can only deal with extremely light snow. If you force it to roll over areas covered in deep snow or terrain that is slippery, you will feel the tires spinning and looking for traction in such areas.

Is it comfortable and refined?

It is expected for touring tires to have a low noise level and a comfortable ride. The Hankook Kinergy ST is susceptible to the same criticisms as well. However, the claimed quietness is not present here. The Kinergy PT suffers from the exact same problem. Even when rolling over more rugged sections of asphalt or concrete, neither tire makes a peep of noise when traveling at low or moderate speeds. The tires will make more noise than usual as you approach higher speeds, but it won’t be anything that can be described as worrisome or bothersome, so don’t worry about it. In addition to this, this will be determined by the NVH adjustment of your vehicle.

How about tire wear?

The Hankook Kinergy ST comes with a lesser mileage warranty of 70,000 miles, but the Hankook Kinergy PT comes with a warranty that covers 90,000 miles. However, both warranties are still good. Both of these tires make use of tire compounds that have a low rolling resistance, which helps give greater mileage. Perhaps this is the primary distinction between a premium touring tire and a normal touring tire. When comparing the high-structure carbon and silica compound of the Kinergy PT to the dual filler compound of the Kinergy ST, it just so happens that the high-structure carbon and silica compound is able to extract more life from the rubber.

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On the other hand, the rate at which tires wear depends on a variety of criteria, such as the type of vehicle, the alignment settings, and the driving style.

Should I buy the Hankook Kinergy ST?

I believe the question that should be asked is, “Why not?” The Hankook Kinergy ST provides outstanding performance throughout the year at a price point that is more accessible. The reduced price of the Hankook Kinergy ST is incentive enough to take the plunge if you currently drive a minivan, small crossover, or compact car on a daily basis.



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