Nitto Neo Gen: A Comprehensive All-Season Ultra-High-Performance Tire Review

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  • Aggressive tread design
  • Superb wet performance
  • Acceptable comfort and refinement
  • Affordable price


  • Not as sporty as it looks
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The Nitto Neo Gen has excellent traction and performance on slippery and wet roads. It makes you feel as though you are always in charge of the situation, regardless of the road conditions. As one could expect from Nitto, the car has excellent cornering ability. The pricing is very reasonable, and when compared to other manufacturers like Bridgestone and Michelin, purchasing a full set of these tires will save you approximately $180, making them an outstanding value for the money. In general, Nitto has produced a quality product with this tire.

The Nitto Neo Gen has been on the market for quite some time; it successfully combines an aggressive and sports appearance with outstanding performance in all weather conditions. In the aftermarket tuning sector, the Nitto Neo Gen has also garnered a lot of attention. You’ve probably heard that this tire is specifically built for use on lowered vehicles, and I can see why the manufacturer would make that claim.

As you read this evaluation, you will become familiar with the numerous features of the Nitto Neo Gen, as well as its many advantages. We are also going to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using this tire. The Neo Gen is an all-season ultra-high performance tire; nonetheless, it is lacking in specific areas despite its high level of performance overall.

What are the features of the Nitto Neo Gen?

It won’t take you a long time or a lot of effort to notice that the Nitto Neo Gen is an attractive-looking tire. The majority of this can be ascribed to Neo Gen’s signature three-dimensional tread blocks, which are used in their products. Not only does it give the tire a sportier appearance, but those cool tread blocks are also responsible for draining water away from the face of the tread. Who would have thought that something so deceptively simple could serve such an essential function?In addition to the slanted 3D blocks, the Nitto Neo Gen comes standard with circumferential grooves that are more deeply cut. When you travel at high speeds on a wet highway, this ensures that the tire will not hydroplane or aquaplane.In addition to that, the inner shoulder of this tire is constructed from a single block that is left uncut. Because of this characteristic, the Nitto Neo Gen is often recommended as an excellent option for drivers whose vehicles have been lowered. Because a continuous inner shoulder block is designed to promote stability and prevent flexing, this feature also maintains stability on lowered vehicles with higher degrees of negative camber. This is because a continuous inner shoulder block is created to improve stability and resist flexing.

On the opposing side, the larger outside shoulder blocks were designed with the intention of increasing the surface contact between the tire and the road. While cornering, this improves traction and grip on the road. This feature also improves the responsiveness and feel of the steering.

Nitto Neo Gen

How does it perform in dry tarmac?

This is one of the few issues that I have with the Nitto Neo Gen. This tire is certainly up to the challenge of some high-speed driving, as evidenced by its dramatic appearance. After all, we are speaking about a tire with an extremely high level of performance here. However, the Nitto Neo Gen does not live up to expectations in terms of point-and-shoot driving’s point-and-shoot stability, control, and handling.

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If you drive a stock sedan or sports coupe, this is not a significant problem for you. However, when it comes to applications that require high horsepower, such as American muscle vehicles or European sports sedans, the dry performance of the Nitto Neo Gen is, at the very least, adequate.

Take another look at the Nitto Motivo if you are searching for an ultra-high performance all-season tire that also offers improved grip in dry conditions.

Is it any good in the wet?

Those beautiful angled 3D tread blocks are not only designed to make the tire appear good, but they also serve a functional purpose. Surprisingly for an all-season performance tire, the Nitto Neo Gen provides a driving experience that is more composed when it is raining than when it is dry. Nitto equips the inner shoulder with their revolutionary 3D multi-wave sipes, which interlock with one another when the tire is put under acceleration or braking. The sipes have a pattern that resembles interlocking ripples, and this shape helps increase wet traction by “biting” the road.

Again, the Nitto Motivo outperforms the Nitto Neo Gen when it comes to traction in wet conditions. On the other hand, in contrast to the Neo Gen, the Motivo does not have a tread design that is particularly aggressive.

Is it comfortable and refined?

Although the Nitto Neo Gen is not known for its comfort or refinement, this does not mean that the tire provides a harsh and jarring riding quality. The Nitto Motivo offers superior levels of comfort to its wearer. When traveling at faster speeds, the Motivo is noticeably less audible than the Neo Gen thanks to its improved sound insulation.

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When compared to other, less expensive performance tires, the Nitto Neo Gen provides a decent level of comfort while also reducing the amount of noise generated by the road. If your vehicle has lowered suspension, you’ll have to cope with a firmer ride anyhow, so this won’t be a huge concern for you if you choose to go that route. However, if you are using the tire for stock purposes, the Nitto Neo Gen should work just fine as long as you do not evaluate it in comparison to subsequent generations of Nitto tires, such as the Nitto Motivo.

Should I be concerned about treadwear?

I’m happy you asked. Let’s compare the Nitto Neo Gen to the Motivo, which is another tire that falls into the high-performance all-season category. This will help us come up with a definitive solution. While the Nitto Neo Gen has a score of 280 on the UTQG for treadwear, the Nitto Motivo has a score of 500.

In terms of the UTQG treadwear rating, a higher number represents a better overall condition. This indicates that the tire can withstand treadwear for a significantly longer period of time than a comparable tire with a lower value. In light of the information presented here, it is not hard to deduce that the Nitto Motivo can be anticipated to withstand more wear and tear than the Neo Gen.

The Neo Gen, on the other hand, is able to ride on a wider tread section in lowered vehicles that have negative camber because to the 3D multi-wave siping with slanted blade texture. Because of this characteristic, the Nitto Neo Gen has the potential to outlast the Nitto NT450, the company’s entry-level model, by twenty percent longer in reduced applications. On the other hand, the Nitto Motivo is able to have longer wear characteristics than both the Neo Gen and the NT450 thanks to the next-generation silica-enriched compound that it is composed of.

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More Nitto Neo Gen reviews can be found on this page; the films were produced by Fitment Industries.

Should I buy the Nitto Neo Gen?

If you drive a lowered compact or hatchback from the United States, Japan, or Europe, then the answer is yes. Not only will the Nitto Neo Gen increase the all-weather performance of your ride, but it will also give the car a deliciously menacing attitude.

The Nitto Neo Gen is now being offered at a price that is lower than that of the Motivo, which means that it too is a fantastic value. You get stunning excellent looks in addition to dependable performance throughout the entire year; what more could you ask for?

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