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Top 10 Best Tires for Lifted Trucks of 2023: High-Quality Tires from Reputable Manufacturers

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Today’s lifted trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles that may be seen on public highways. Not only are these vehicles unsightly, but they are elevated to such an extreme degree that it gives the impression that they are about to run you over. Having said that, none of those are the primary reasons why individuals choose to elevate their vehicles.

These cars not only look fantastic, but they also provide a much enhanced perspective of the road in front of them. If you have higher sight, you will also have better safety, particularly because you will be able to see in advance of multiple automobiles that are ahead of you. In addition to this, raised trucks often have a substantially greater ground clearance than standard trucks, which makes them far more suitable for use while traveling over rough terrain. Because of this, you will observe the majority of lifted trucks engaged in off-road activities, particularly rock crawling and mud swimming.

Having said that, elevated vehicles do come with a number of significant drawbacks. In the first place, the on-road stability of these cars is significantly reduced. The increased body roll that lifted trucks experience when turning results in a vehicle that is significantly less stable. In addition to that, the passengers’ heads will move more from side to side, which is an experience that no one wants to have.

However, if you invest in a quality pair of tires, you may mitigate the effects of some of these disadvantages. Additionally, selecting the appropriate tires for your lifted truck is another way to improve its performance in off-road environments. When it comes to these vehicles, the tires are just as significant as the suspension, and even more so than the engine and the truck itself.

How to Find Suitable Lifted Truck Tires

Off-roading requires tires that have exceptional grip, and the finest lifted-truck tires should provide you that. And by excellent traction, I mean the very finest traction that it is at all feasible to acquire. Furthermore, the tires should be able to perform daily duties with ease, which is especially important taking into consideration that the vehicle won’t handle as well as a conventional one would.

In the end, lifted truck tires are going to put up with a lot of punishment over the course of their lifetime. As a consequence of this, they need to have exceptional durability. In this context, just one term might refer to a variety of things. To begin, the truck’s tires need to have the capacity to withstand the total weight of the vehicle.

The sidewalls of the tires should also be exceptionally durable so that they may be run at a lower pressure, which results in even higher traction. That may be utilized for rock crawling, which is the process of driving over huge boulders, as well as driving on sand. At the end of the day, the tread of the tires has to be resistant to cuts and chips. In the event that this does not occur, the tires will sustain damage the first time they come into contact with a hardpacked surface.

But which tires can actually fulfill each and every one of those requirements? If you want an honest response, I have to tell you that there is no one tire that will perform very well across the board. There is always going to be a middle ground. For instance, aggressive mud-terrain tires will provide you with the most possible traction off-road, but they are not designed to be driven on paved roads. When it comes to tires, there are invariably trade-offs.

In addition, the market for tires has been completely saturated with numerous models in recent years, ranging from inexpensive tires to pricey tires. You need to keep in mind that there is a reason why some tires cost so much money (or so little money), even if the price is certainly an essential consideration. Most producers of premium tires use high-quality materials in their products. These materials are more expensive, but they offer superior performance across the board.

However, regardless of which model you decide to purchase, you should check to see if it is offered in the appropriate sizes. When owners boost the suspension of their pickup trucks, they create space underneath the vehicle for the installation of even larger rims and even larger tires.

Off-road tires typically have substantially higher sidewalls and are mounted on much smaller rims than those used on paved roads. Having said that, if you desire greater control when driving on the road, you could want to consider installing wider rims with low-profile tires.

Having stated that, could you tell me which tires are ideal for trucks that have been lifted? You certainly came to the right location at the right time to find out. In order to assist you in wringing the most potential performance out of your lifted vehicle, I have compiled a selected list of the most models that are currently on sale on the market.

For those individuals who are enthusiastic about off-roading, I have included the greatest traction off-road tires that are the most popular on my list of the 10 best lifter truck tires. I also included a set of all-terrain tires for motorists who desire improved on-road performance, in addition to a rock crawling tire for those who consider themselves true fanatics. Let’s go to work and locate some fantastic tires for your raised vehicle, shall we?

Best Off-Road Tires for Lifted Trucks

1. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The Mud-Terrain KM3 is the newest addition to the extensive portfolio of mud-terrain tires that BFGoodrich offers, and I can say without hesitation that it is my favorite. In general, this seems to be the tire with the finest engineering for people who are into off-roading and also for people who have lifted trucks. It is quite difficult to find any issues with this product due to the outstanding work that BFGoodrich has put in.

When it comes to off-roading, the Mud-Terrain KM3 is hard to beat. The tire has a symmetric tread pattern called Terrain-Attack, which allows it to perform effectively on a variety of surfaces. It is particularly useful for rock crawling, an activity in which the earlier model wasn’t as effective as this one. In addition, the tire performs exceptionally well over hardpacked terrain such as gravel and mud.

The remarkable traction in deep muck, which is still the primary attribute of the tire, was preserved by BFGoodrich, which is a major accomplishment. In addition, the manufacturer incorporated a technology called Traction-Armor Sidewall Sculpture into the tire, which makes it far more durable than other tires on the market.

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The Mud-Terrain KM3 is designed to operate very well on the road in addition to its exceptional off-road capabilities. The tire has a very nice feel in dry situations, and it provides a sense of security in wet conditions. The only thing I don’t like about the tire is how much it costs, which is the sole drawback.


  • just put, traction in thick mud is just excellent.
  • The build quality is exceptionally rugged and long-lasting.
  • Excellent on-road performance for a tire designed for mud and rough terrain.
  • Maintaining control and adequate braking performance despite the rain
  • A ride that is very plush and comfy even over rough terrain.
  • Compared to other tough off-road tires, these ones are more quiet.


  • Considered to be one of the most expensive off-road specialties.

2. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The aggressive design of the highest traction off-road tire made by Goodyear is what draws initial attention to the product. Not only does the aggressive tread pattern improve the appearance of any lifted vehicle, but it also provides a significant advantage while driving off-road.

The Wrangler MT/R boasts some of the greatest mud-terrain traction available because to the sophisticated mud-flow geometry tread pattern. This design was developed by Goodyear. just put, traction in thick mud is just excellent. On top of that, the tire is impressive over huge rocks since it gives the driver a nice feel and outstanding grip while they are driving over them. It works really well with gravel and dirt as well.

The Wrangler MT/R is not only an exceptionally rugged and long-lasting tire, but it also features a Kevlar reinforcement in the casing for added strength. It is quite remarkable that Goodyear was able to increase the resistance of the sidewalls to cut and puncture by almost 35 percent compared to the model that came before it.

When it comes to road performance, the Wrangler MT/R performs well for an off-road tire; both its dry and wet grip are top-notch. However, despite the fact that the ride is relatively smooth, the tire may become loud while traveling at greater speeds.


  • Outstanding performance in slushy conditions
  • Excellent traction for rock climbing as well as other activities that take place on hardpacked areas
  • Surprisingly receptive when driving on the highway
  • On dry roads, very good handling and braking performance.
  • Capable of operation in wet situations
  • Very comfortable and easy riding, even over rough terrain.
  • Construction that is exceptionally hardy and long-lasting.

3. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is without question one of the most successful specialist off-road tires that are currently available. And what’s the cherry on top of that? It does not come at an exceptionally high cost, at least not in relation to the level of quality it delivers. This is especially true in regard to its off-road credentials, which are on par with those of the very best vehicles now available.

Take, for example, the traction in the mud; it is just excellent. The Discoverer STT Pro effortlessly plows through thick muck and doesn’t even break a sweat doing it. In addition to this, the tire is able to provide great traction over bigger pebbles and has a responsive and grounded feel on terrain that have been packed down tightly.

I was blown away by how quiet the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is as I was driving, which is particularly impressive when you consider the aggressive tread pattern. The level of grip on both dry and wet conditions is commendable, and the ride quality is also of a relatively smooth grade.

Having said that, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is not the ideal option for driving through packed snow and ice, despite the fact that it appears to be capable of functioning during the winter months.


  • Excellent traction even in the thickest muck.
  • Outstanding traction on rock and mountainous terrain
  • Very strong traction and stability on terrain that are already packed down.
  • When compared to other aggressive tires, this one is surprisingly comfy and quiet.
  • Traction that is both dry and wet is good.
  • When considering the tire’s level of quality, the price is quite reasonable.


  • There is a lot of room for improvement in traction on compacted snow and ice.

4. Dick Cepek Extreme Country

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

Because of its aggressive tread pattern, the Dick Cepek Extreme Country is a popular choice among those who drive lifted vehicles. This is essentially the reason for its popularity. Fortunately, aesthetics are not a concern when it comes to this tire. You can anticipate some real off-road traction from this Dick Cepek product, as is the case with the majority of his offerings.

This is especially true when it comes to rock crawling, an activity in which the Extreme Country shines. The very sturdy design, which is comprised of next-generation High Tensile (HT) Body Ply Cord, provides further assistance by not only making deflation easier, but also protecting the tire from punctures.

In addition to this, the Extreme Country is able to churn through muck without any problems. In addition to that, it contains zigzag sipes on the tread blocks, which increase traction when driving on snow. In addition to all of that, the tire is able to bear the normal stresses of daily driving without causing undue difficulty.

In spite of this, Dick Cepek was not successful in eliminating the noise caused by the treads or improving the comfort of the ride.


  • A great choice for those who enjoy rock climbing.
  • Construction that is very tough and long-lasting makes deflation easier.
  • Traction on muddy terrain is up there with the finest in the category.
  • Able to drive confidently on both dry and wet pavement.
  • Excellent snow traction and stopping ability



  • The noise from the road is a problem.
  • Uncomfortable ride; there is a steady influx of vibrations into the cabin

5. General Grabber X3

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The most recent entry that General has made into the off-road category features a reasonable price in addition to its many other desirable traits. As shown by the DURAGEN technology, which consists of a three-ply body casing, the American manufacturer performed an excellent job of manufacturing a tire that is both resistant and long-lasting. You won’t need to worry about harming the Grabber X3 when you deflate it so you can have a better performance when rock crawling thanks to this feature.

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When it comes to traction, the Grabber X3 can hold its own against the very finest that are currently available. The tire does not have significant difficulties when traveling on hardpacked surfaces or rocks, and the same can be stated for rocks. Additionally, the Grabber X3 is able to effortlessly churn through deep muck, making it one of the greatest off-road tires available for use on this surface.

Having said that, the Grabber X3 is not as capable in daily driving as the greatest off-road tires that are now available. In addition, I discovered that it is loud on the highway, which, after some time, might become irritating.


  • Excellent traction even in the thickest of muck.
  • Excellent grip on the rock surface.
  • Very effective on ground consisting of dirt and gravel
  • Compound that is both durable and robust (three-ply structure).
  • Considering the off-road performance it provides, its price is reasonable.


  • The on-road dynamics are inferior to those of the top in the category.
  • The tire makes a lot of noise while it’s rolling down the road.

6. Firestone Destination M/T2

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

One of the firms that has a great deal of success selling tires to people who own SUVs and trucks is Firestone. The Destination M/T2 is a great illustration of this principle in action. This is one of the greatest off-road tires currently available on the market, encompassing the majority of the fundamentals necessary for a satisfying driving experience.

My only complaint about the tire is that it has somewhat less traction in muddy terrain than the finest versions that are currently available. It’s not terrible, but there are alternative tires that will serve you better when driving through thick muck. On the other hand, the Destination M/T2 has rock-crawling capabilities that are unmatched by any other vehicle. The three-ply structure of the tire helps to prevent it from inflating too quickly, in addition to providing outstanding traction.

Additionally, the tire functions effectively on the road and has high traction in general. The Destination M/T2 is not scared of the winter, so you can also anticipate having strong traction on snowy terrain. In the end, this is an exceptionally long-lasting tire thanks to its remarkable treadlife.


  • The exceptionally durable three-layer structure makes deflation easier for rock climbing.
  • Outstanding performance on hardpacked conditions when driving off-road.
  • Excellent traction on snow that has not been compacted down.
  • Extended lifespan for a specific off-road tire’s tread


  • Traction in the mud is decent, but it is not quite as good as the best that is now available.

7. Federal Couragia MT

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The Federal Couragia MT may be the tire with the lowest price on this list, but that does not mean it is an inferior product. At this price range, it would be unreasonable to complain too much about the fact that the treadlife is going to be less than that of the premium competitors. Additionally, the on-road dynamics are mediocre, and the road is a source of a great deal of noise as well as vibrations that can be felt.

Off-road capability is the reason the Couragia MT is included on our list, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still impressive. These tires are among the finest for driving off-road, and they are without a doubt the best available at this price point. Even in extremely muddy conditions, the mud-terrain traction is excellent. In addition, the hardpacked traction is fantastic, and you can use this tire for rock crawling if you want to.

In the end, the Federal Couragia MT astonished me with its remarkable traction across icy terrain.


  • Excellent traction even in the thickest of muck.
  • Outstanding traction on rocks and other hard-packed ground.
  • Surprisingly nice traction considering the snowy conditions.
  • Very inexpensive to purchase.
  • Obtainable in a wide range of sizes


  • The treadlife is not even close to being fantastic.
  • Road performance is not very impressive at all.
  • The street was really noisy and unpleasant.

Best All-Terrain Tires for Lifted Trucks

8. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

The Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar is the all-terrain tire that is purchased the most frequently in North America, and there are a variety of factors that contribute to this trend. To begin, among tires in its class, it has a reputation for having the longest lifespan. That is mostly due to the Kevlar reinforcement, which contributes to the product’s overall toughness and resistance to puncturing. In addition, Goodyear offers an industry-leading guarantee on treadwear that covers 60,000 miles, setting a new standard for the category.

The Wrangler Adventure also boasts tires with a particularly aggressive tread compound, which is of great assistance while driving off-road. This particular all-terrain tire is among the very best available, and it is particularly useful for rock-crawling as well as driving in mud. In addition, the tire performs exceptionally well on hardpacked terrain like mud and gravel.

Goodyear has developed a tire that is not just effective off-road but also performs well on paved surfaces. Traction in dry and wet conditions is among the finest in the category, and performance in snow conditions is superb for both traction and braking. Having stated that, a problem that might arise on the roadway is excessive noise. Additionally, the aggressive tread pattern digs a little bit too much into the sand, which is not ideal for driving on sandy surfaces.


  • Excellent on areas that are hardpacked.
  • Able to operate in muck as well as over huge boulders
  • Characteristics that are favorable when driving
  • Excellent traction both when dry and when wet.
  • Exceptional grip in mild snow conditions
  • It is uncommon for an all-terrain tire to have a treadwear guarantee that covers 60,000 miles.


  • Struggles amid the sand dunes of the desert
  • The freeway is really noisy.

9. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

Another all-terrain tire that is quite well-liked with purchasers in North America is known as the T/A KO2. With this model, BFGoodrich once again demonstrated that it is capable of designing and developing all-terrain tires that are commercially viable. This is especially true when it comes to off-roading, where the T/A KO2 can still hold its own against the finest tires available.

To give you an example, the traction that an all-terrain tire has in mud is fantastic. In addition, the sturdy structure, which includes resistance to cut and chip, is a significant asset while driving on hardpacked ground. Additionally, tremendous traction is achieved on rocks, of course, while staying within the capabilities of an all-terrain tire.

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The fact that the T/A KO2 functions admirably both in the air and on the ground is one of its many strengths. There is adequate grip on both dry and wet conditions, despite the fact that it is quite loud. The ride quality is smooth. Additionally, the reactivity is of the highest caliber.

Even more convincing evidence that the T/A KO2 is a high-quality product is the fact that BFGoodrich backs it with an exceptional guarantee that covers treadwear for 50,000 miles.


  • Ability to perform very well off-road for an all-terrain tire.
  • Construction that is both extremely robust and powerful, as well as resistant to chipping and cutting
  • A fantastic treadwear warranty that covers 50,000 miles.
  • Excellent dynamics and reactivity while driving on the road.
  • Compatible with both dry and moist environments


  • At greater speeds, may become audibly distracting.

Best Rock Crawling Tires for Lifted Trucks

10. Mickey Thompson Baja Claw

Best Tires For Lifted Trucks

In the world of off-road driving and particularly among owners of lifted vehicles, Mickey Thompson is a name that needs no introduction. What is the cause? The most likely explanation is that they design and manufacture fantastic off-road tires. One of the kinds that I really like is called the Baja Claw, and it’s a tire that’s designed exclusively for rock crawling.

our tire is the only one on our list that has bias-ply construction. Because of this, it is unable to deliver the maximum amount of stability and traction while traveling on the highway. However, in addition to those gains, this design also brings about others, such as remarkable off-road durability. Because it is one of the most durable tires on the market, this one won’t be punctured very quickly.

In addition, the aggressive tread pattern ensures outstanding grip regardless of the surface you’re driving on. Rocks are one type of them, but so are dirt, compacted surfaces, and even a dusting of snow.


  • Excellent grip for rock climbing and scrambling.
  • Excellent traction even in the thickest of muck.
  • Capable of being driven on uneven and hard-packed terrain
  • Construction method using bias-belts that is very long-lasting


  • Cannot be utilized publicly without causing a number of significant problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to deflate off-road tires?

The vast majority of off-road and all-terrain tires are constructed with deflation in mind during the design process. This is due to the fact that deflating the tire increases the traction on surfaces that have been hardpacked. In addition, a tire that has been flattened will move more freely over the sand, making it simpler for you to navigate around obstructions.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful not to let your tires lose too much air when you deflate them. There is a recommended minimum inflation value printed on the sidewall of each tire, and you should never go below it. In the event that this does not occur, there is a possibility that the tires may become damaged and you will need to replace them.

Also, before you drive back on the road, make sure the tires have the proper amount of air in them. Driving on a highway with tires that are underinflated can make the trip significantly less stable and more hazardous. In addition to this, underinflated tires wear more faster than properly inflated ones.

How often should I rotate my lifted truck tires?

Every 6,000 to 8,000 miles is the sweet spot for rotating your tires, although the rule of thumb is every 6,000 miles. When you do this, you ensure that the tires will survive for the amount of time that was claimed for them. If you don’t rotate your tires regularly, one side may wear down more quickly than the other, rendering your tires useless.

This is especially true for tires designed for use off-road. When you go off-roading with your raised truck, the tires endure more strain because of the increased height of the vehicle. Because of this, you could even want to consider cutting down the rotation period; for optimal results, you should perform this maintenance every 3,000 miles.


I really hope that you were able to choose the appropriate pair of tires for your raised vehicle by using the guide that I provided. If not, feel free to provide any recommendations, especially given that lifted vehicles have never been one of my strong suits. We would appreciate it if you would not be reluctant to send us a message with your suggestions.

Having said that, I am absolutely certain that you will achieve the greatest results if you choose tires of a high quality from manufacturers with a good reputation. These businesses invest a significant amount of time and capital into research and development, and the results can be seen in the products that they produce.

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