Mastercraft Tires Review: Great Value for the Price – A Good Option for Buyers

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The market for inexpensive tires appears to be becoming increasingly competitive on an annual basis, particularly since Chinese producers began rapidly introducing new brands into the market. In addition to this, the majority of the time these tires do not provide safe handling, and driving on the road with some of them can be extremely hazardous.

To our great good fortune, Mastercraft is not among those brands. Although the tires from this company are more expensive than comparable models from Lionhart or Lexani, their superiority in terms of performance and longevity is unmistakable. If you were to ask me, I would never consider putting Chinese tires on my vehicle, at least not at this point in time. If I had a limited budget, though, I would go for Mastercraft’s.

Now, I’ll admit that the price of Mastercraft tires may still be prohibitive for some individuals, but come on! The cost savings could be anywhere from $40 to $50 for a set of tires, but the value of the return will be immeasurable. Unfortunately, many people learn the lesson the hard way that there is no monetary value that can be placed on safety.

In addition, Mastercraft is a division of Cooper Tires, which is a well-known American corporation that also manufactures pricier versions of its own tires and is the parent company of Mastercraft.

There is no question that Cooper products are superior in every respect, but you presumably already knew that. You are probably reading this article to find out how good Mastercraft tires are, and that is exactly what I am about to tell you about them.

In order to respond to your inquiry, I will now provide you with a list of the top five products that the company offers, along with a brief analysis of each item. After that, we will discuss the entire catalog of tires offered by Mastercraft, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing these particular tires.

Top 5 Best Mastercraft Tires Review

1. Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring

Best Grand-Touring Tire

Mastercraft Tires Review

My interest was piqued almost immediately by one of Mastercraft’s newest models, the LSR Grand Touring, which is also one of the models that I purchased. This tire comes with an amazing treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles for models with the T-Speed rating; models with the V/H rating come with 60,000 miles, and models with the W rating come with 50,000 miles. When you consider the cost, that is just incredible.

In addition, the tire performs well both on dry and wet roads, which is especially impressive when one considers the low cost of the product. In addition, the tire can be driven on while maintaining a reasonable level of comfort and silence. Having said that, do not anticipate having a lot of fun while you’re behind the wheel of the LSR Grand Touring because it isn’t particularly responsive. In addition, the snow traction is worse than what is typical for this category.


  • Very safe handling and braking on dry surfaces
  • Good hydroplaning resistance
  • Sufficient wet traction
  • Excellent treadlife
  • Long treadwear warranty


  • Not the most exciting tire to drive
  • Below-average snow traction
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2. Mastercraft Avenger G/T

Best Performance Tire

Mastercraft Tires Review

The Avenger G/T is a throwback performance option that was created with the intention of appealing to owners of classic muscle cars. And, at the very least, the tire is a complete success in terms of its appearance; I mean, just look at those white sides!

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The Avenger G/T performs admirably well in the tight turns as well. The handling is easy to handle and precise, and there is sufficient grip and traction for driving with a lot of enthusiasm. In addition, the treadwear warranty on the tire is good for 50,000 miles, which is an excellent value considering the cost of the tire.

Having said that, the Avenger G/T does not perform particularly well when it is raining, and it is also not the best choice for driving in the snow.


  • Great handling for the price
  • Retro looks that suit classic muscle cars
  • Long treadlife
  • Excellent treadwear warranty


  • Wet traction could be better

3. Mastercraft Stratus H/T

Best Highway Tire for SUVs and Trucks

Mastercraft Tires Review

Owners of older SUVs and pickup vehicles will find the Stratus H/T to be a fantastic option to consider. The tire is quite affordable despite the fact that it exhibits predictable handling qualities, reduced stopping distances, and a ride that is both quiet and comfortable. In addition, the treadlife is exceptional, as evidenced by the fact that the Stratus comes with a treadwear warranty good for 50,000 miles.

Having said that, despite the fact that it is a highway all-season tire, the Stratus H/T is not the ideal choice for use on off-road surfaces because it lacks traction and does not appear to be as strong as it should be.


  • Stable on the highway
  • Handles well in dry conditions
  • Good hydroplaning resistance
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Long treadlife


  • Not the best option for off-roading

4. Mastercraft Glacier Trex

Best Winter Tire

Mastercraft Tires Review

The Glacier Trex is a studded winter tire that performs extremely well in severe winter circumstances. It is ideal for driving in deep snow. The performance on snow is already rather good for the price, but it is improved much further once the studs have been installed. The same is true for ice traction, which is greatly improved by the use of studded tires. As a result of the pronounced tread pattern, the Glacier Trex is an excellent choice for driving in wet conditions.

Having said that, the Glacier Trex falls behind the competition on dry and wet conditions, where it does not handle as sweetly and also has longer braking distances. This puts it at a disadvantage in comparison to other vehicles in its class.


  • Excellent performance over packed and unpacked snow
  • Exceptional ice traction when studded
  • Good hydroplaning resistance


  • Handling on dry surfaces isn’t very responsive
  • Long braking distances on wet and dry pavement

5. Mastercraft Courser HXT

Best Commercial Tire

Mastercraft Tires Review

Mastercraft offers a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles on their Courser HXT model, which is far longer than the warranties offered by several premium commercial tire brands. Even more impressively, the business was successful in developing a tire that performed equally well on dry and wet pavement. In spite of this, there is room for improvement in the snow’s traction.


  • Stable on the highway
  • Strong and durable compound
  • Long treadlife
  • Excellent treadwear warranty


  • Average snow and ice traction

Mastercraft Tires Review: Buying Guide

The selection of tires for passenger cars offered by Mastercraft is extremely comprehensive. Its touring and grand-touring versions are among its most well-known products and are offered in a wide variety of standard dimensions. The owners of compact automobiles, mid-size sedans, minivans, crossovers, and other vehicles that are comparable in size are the primary target demographic for these tires.

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The inventory of this company also includes a significant number of SUV and truck tires. Tires for touring and grand-touring are available for SUVs and crossovers from Mastercraft. Highway tires, all-terrain tires, and mud-terrain tires are available for use on off-road vehicles from the same manufacturer.

In addition, Mastercraft provides tires for SUVs and passenger automobiles that are focused on performance. However, track driving is not really what these tires were designed for at all. Instead, they put their attention toward providing a ride that is more responsive and grippy on the street.

In the end, the Mastercraft product line includes tires that have tread compositions designed for both all-season and winter use. The manufacturer does not provide summer compounds, but considering the price range, this is an understandable decision on their part. In addition, customers in this market sector nearly always choose with the option of purchasing all-season tires.

1. Mastercraft Tires Positive Aspects

Budget-Friendly Prices

There are more affordable options available on the market, but Mastercraft tires are not one of them. However, despite this, they are still readily available and significantly more affordable than premium tires.

At the very least, that is something that I consider to be a positive development. Investing a little bit more money in your tires is unquestionably money well spent. Even though they are a little bit more expensive, Mastercraft tires are in general far safer than their rival brands, such as Lionhart and Lexani.

Very Safe Drive on Dry Roads

If you spend the majority of your time behind the wheel in dry conditions, the performance of Mastercraft tires should leave you feeling perfectly content. Even if the tires aren’t sporty by any stretch of the imagination, they nonetheless offer a reasonable degree of cornering stability, precise steering, and good handling for the driver.

In the meantime, the braking distances are also suitably short, which is crucial information to have at your disposal in the event that you need to do an emergency stop in the future. In dry situations, Mastercraft tires perform exceptionally well, and I wholeheartedly suggest them to anyone looking for tires to use in dry weather.

Usable in Rainy Days

The majority of inexpensive tires are so susceptible to damage in wet circumstances that they become unusable. To our good fortune, driving on Mastercraft tires is risk-free in these kinds of conditions. Although the premium competition gives even better traction and stopping power, the Mastercraft tires are still fairly outstanding, especially given the price.

The majority of Mastercraft models have very good resistance to hydroplaning, and their traction is adequate for confident turning and stopping.

Long Treadlife and Excellent Treadwear Warranties

When compared to other cheap competitors, the treadlife of Mastercraft tires is one of the most significant advantages that these tires offer. In this aspect, several of the company’s tires are quite near to being classified as premium tires. Because of this, you will not only save money when you buy the tires, but you will also save money while you are using them.

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The firm provides a treadwear warranty that covers an average of 60,000 miles, while certain models come with a treadwear warranty that covers up to 80,000 miles. Keep in mind that this is the territory of premium tires, and it is quite astounding considering the cost of the tires.

Fairly Comfortable and Quiet

The majority of Mastercraft tires offer acceptable levels of comfort and quietness. Even while the premium competition is even quieter, especially at highway speeds, Mastercraft tires aren’t that far behind in terms of their level of noise reduction. Aside from that, the overall riding quality is comparable between the two.

2. Mastercraft Tires Negative Aspects

Lags behind premium brands for performance driving. When you’re behind the wheel of a car equipped with Mastercraft tires, you may have peace of mind. They have responsive steering and stopping power. However, if you exert a great deal of pressure on them, you won’t get very far. When it comes to performance driving, I wouldn’t even think about using Mastercraft tires because they wear out considerably more quickly than premium tires.

In addition, the stopping lengths are significantly increased, particularly on routes that are wet. While you are driving down the street, you probably won’t even realize that it’s there, yet it is. Therefore, you should be prepared to spend extra money if you want your vehicle to have the best potential handling and braking capabilities imaginable. For instance, Cooper, which is Mastercraft’s parent firm, manufactures tires of a significantly higher grade.


The issue “how much lower in terms of price can you go before risking safety?” is one that I ask quite frequently. It would appear that the answer you are looking for is Mastercraft. It would appear that the manufacturer has cracked the code on producing tires that are both affordable and trustworthy.

Undoubtedly, you may go much lower, but at that point, the tires will begin to exhibit limitations in terms of safety, which is the most essential characteristic of a tire. Therefore, if you’re shopping for tires on a budget and want my advice, go with Mastercraft — but don’t expect miracles from them.

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