Michelin Defender T+H Review: The Excellent All-Around Tire for Your Daily Commute

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Michelin Defender T+H Review


  • On dry tarmac, the handling and braking are both excellent.
  • Unmatched in terms of responsiveness for a touring tire
  • Excellent levels of grip and powerful braking power on wet conditions are required.
  • Excellent resistance to hydroplaning overall.
  • One of the most comfortable and silent touring tires currently on the market.
  • A truly remarkable treadlife
  • Very lengthy warranty on treadwear (up to 80,000 miles).



  • Extremely pricey, particularly in relation to other items in the category
  • The snow and ice traction is not nearly as good as the price would have one to believe.
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Road safety is still one of the many aspects of humanity’s existence that has room for advancement. Statistics show that over 1.35 million individuals lose their lives on the world’s roads each year due to automobile accidents. Utilizing tires that are both new and of a high quality is one strategy for enhancing the safety of our roadways.

Sadly, doing so is not simple in today’s market because so many new makers of inexpensive tires appear to have appeared out of nowhere. In addition, at least in my experience, these tires do not provide trustworthy handling, grip, or braking, particularly on roads that are wet or otherwise slick. Because of these factors, I usually advise purchasing tires from trustworthy manufacturers, like the Michelin Defender T+H, and you should do the same.

The Defender T+H competes in a market that is already quite saturated and features a large number of low-cost tires made by unnamed manufacturers. These products offer prices that are approximately fifty percent lower than those of the Defender T+H and other premium tires, which naturally makes them an appealing prospect for purchasers. Unfortunately, no one is aware of the fact that these tires should not be used on public roadways.

I am aware that the Defender T+H is a pricey tire; nonetheless, this is true of the majority of premium tires. The tire that you receive in exchange is one in which you can have complete faith in the vast majority of weather conditions, and particularly on dry and wet surfaces. In addition, my research and personal experience have shown that Michelin automobile tires consistently have an exceptional treadlife; this is particularly true for Michelin’s passenger tires.

The Defender T+H is a touring all-season tire that is designed to meet the needs of drivers of the majority of passenger cars. The manufacturer provides the tire in a variety of sizes, the smallest of which has a wheel diameter of 14 inches and the largest of which has a wheel diameter of 18 inches. With these sizes, Michelin is able to cover a significant proportion of the vehicles that are now being driven on the roads.

And when I say “most cars,” I’m referring about vehicles such as minicars, compact cars, midsize sedans, minivans, and even crossovers. However, the Defender T+H is not intended to be used for high-speed sports. The engineers’ primary goal was to give the driver traction that was safe and reliable, excellent comfort, and outstanding treadlife. This was their primary priority. Because this tire was not designed for maximum cornering speeds or high levels of responsiveness, sports cars are out of the question for use with this tire.

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The question that needs to be answered is this: what exactly do you receive if you spend extra money for a tire that appears to be unremarkable? I mean, there’s really nothing thrilling about an all-season touring tire, especially if you consider yourself an aficionado, is that right? That, in my view, is not the right approach. When it comes to choosing automobiles or tires, we should always put safety at the top of our list of priorities. In addition, the value of one’s safety cannot be quantified.

You will need to read the entire Michelin Defender T+H review in order to find the solution to the question. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the overall performance of the tire in a variety of weather circumstances, the amount of comfort it provides, how long it lasts, and then I will give you my opinion on whether or not you should purchase it. If you need a short review of how fantastic Michelin’s tires are, you can, of course, skip down to the pros and drawbacks section and start reading there.

However, before we get into that, let’s have a look at the components that Michelin incorporated into the Defender T+H in order to make it a feasible option for drivers of passenger cars in North America.

What are the features of the Michelin Defender T+H?

“More miles. With the reliability you have come to expect. On its website, Michelin notes that the Defender T+H was created with “doers” in mind and is the company’s longest-lasting tire. “Because life never stops moving,” the company says thus about the Defender T+H.

The treadlife that the tire has to give is a source of great pride for the corporation. Michelin claims that their studies show that the Defender T+H has the longest treadlife among the premium tires that are in competition with it. Given that other brands, like Bridgestone and Continental, also produce tires that are known for their exceptional longevity, this is an impressive claim to make.

Michelin employed an all-season tread composition that was created with durability and longevity in mind in order to accomplish all of these goals. Because the mixture includes a high percentage of silica, it performs better in slick conditions.

The compound is then shaped into an asymmetric tread pattern, the primary goals of which were to achieve a smooth and quiet ride for the vehicle. In addition, the tread block rigidity is increased by Michelin’s exclusive IntelliSipe technology, which has zigzag sipes that interlock beneath the surface. This contributes to an improvement in both stability and cornering.

On the other hand, the large circumferential grooves and the lateral notches work together to effectively drain water out of the tread, which improves the hydroplaning resistance of the tread. Michelin utilized independent tread blocks and zigzag sipes, both of which provide more biting edges for traction, in order to improve the snow traction of their tires.

The interior architecture of the Defender T+H is normal for the category; it consists of a single ply of polyamide that reinforces two wide steel belts. This construction is typical of other products in this category. This helps the tread remain stable and increases the responsiveness of the steering. Additionally, the two-ply body shell and polyester cord contribute to the overall longevity as well as the ride comfort of the product.

What are the maintenance indicators?

Michelin Defender Th Review 1

The treadwear indicators, also known as TWIs, are the industry standard, and this particular model of touring all-season tire, the Defender T+H, is equipped with them. The objective of these indicators is to provide the driver with information regarding the remaining tread depth for purposes of both safety and maintenance.

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The TWIs are of utmost significance with regard to safety. If the tread depth is insufficient, the tire will not be able to direct water down the grooves, which will have a major negative influence on the tire’s performance in wet conditions. Most importantly, the resistance of the tire to hydroplaning will be significantly reduced as a result of the change. A minimum of 2/32 of an inch of tread depth is required for the Michelin Defender T+H.

The indicators are thin rubber bars that are positioned in such a way as to be optimally visible from the outside of the tire’s circumferential grooves. The tread depth indications will be totally flush with the surface when the tire reaches 2/32 of an inch of tread depth. When you reach this point, it is time to change the tires if you want to maintain dependable wet traction, handling, and braking performance.

Fortunately, the Defender T+H has one of the finest treadwear warranties in the industry, which covers it for up to 80,000 miles. And the warranty isn’t the only thing that makes Michelin’s touring tires stand out – they consistently have one of the highest longevity ratings in their respective categories as well. There is no question in my view that the Defender T+H will have an exceptionally lengthy lifespan.

How does it behave on a dry tarmac?

The way the Land Rover Defender T+H manages commonplace responsibilities will surely make drivers of passenger cars happy. I was blown away by how responsive the tire was for a touring vehicle, and the steering feel was fantastic as well. Even though the tire does not have a sporty appearance, it does provide the driver with sufficient feedback from the road.

In addition, I discovered that the Defender T+H had an exceptionally high level of traction. Direct and dynamic handling allows for high turning speeds to be achieved without the driver having to worry about losing grip. In the category of all-season touring vehicles, the stopping distances are also among the lowest available.

Overall, the Defender T+H is likely one of the touring tires that offers the best driving experience and the highest level of safety that is now available. It has excellent communication with the driver, it maintains a terrific grip on the road, and it stops very quickly.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

On wet roads, the Michelin Defender T+H continues to exceed my expectations, not that I didn’t already know what to anticipate from a Michelin product. The hydroplaning resistance is just outstanding; the tire is unaffected even when there is extensive and deep standing water on the road.

In addition, the exceptional performance of the tire on wet terrain is attributable to the innovative compound that contains a significant amount of silica. The cornering grip is reliable, and the stopping distances are among the best three tires in the category. The traction is extremely good.

If you need a tire that will function securely even when it is raining, the Defender T+H is without a doubt going to be a trustworthy companion for you.

With that being said, how is it on snowy roads?

Michelin Defender T+H Review

The way that all-season tires deal with extreme snow situations is not something that has ever won me over, and I don’t think that the Defender T+H is going to change my thinking about that. If you drive extremely cautiously, the tire can give reliable traction and stopping power on light snow. However, this is only the case if you drive very carefully.

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On the other hand, you can obtain the same traction from all-season tires that are far less, which is why I wouldn’t give the Defender T+H such a high rating in this regard. Aside from that, if you reside in a location that gets a lot of snow and has severe winter conditions, you should probably switch to winter tires when the time comes.

Is it suitable for off-road driving?

The Land Rover Defender T+H is not intended to be used off-road, although some of its sizes can be installed on crossover vehicles. You can use it on hardpacked areas, but there is a possibility that the tread of the tire will become damaged. Additionally, you won’t have reliable traction, especially on inclines and declines.

Is it comfortable and refined?

You bet it is. The engineers at Michelin have long been aware of how to make a tire ride well, but with the Defender T+H, they appear to have exceeded even their own expectations.

Even on roads with a lot of bumps and unevenness, the ride quality of the tire is quite smooth and comfortable. Additionally, this is one of the quietest all-season touring tires; in fact, at speeds typical of urban driving, it is virtually silent.

You won’t be let down by the Defender T+H’s level of comfort, therefore, if that’s one of your primary concerns.

More information about the Michelin Defender T+H Review can be found at: AGreedyTree is the creator of this video.

Should I buy the Michelin Defender T+H?

Now, let me put it this way: if you want a tire that is not only exceptionally safe but also very comfortable and long-lasting, then you should choose the Defender T+H. I understand that the cost may be intimidating to you, but there is a good reason why Michelin asks for such a high price for its products: they are of very high quality. In addition, the Defender T+H is designed to have such a lengthy lifespan that, in the long term, it will more than pay for itself. Very strongly suggested!

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