Michelin Premier A/S Review: The Premium All-Season Touring Tire for Your Comfortable and Safe Ride

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Michelin Premier As Review


  • Exceptional control and stopping power in wet conditions
  • An extraordinary resistance to hydroplaning, even in extremely wet conditions
  • Exceptionally quick-acting for an all-season grand-touring tire.
  • On dry pavement, the handling and stopping are both excellent.
  • Exceptional stability even at high speeds
  • Even when the tire is worn down, the EverGrip Technology ensures that it has a good performance on surfaces that are wet.
  • Highway travel that is exceptionally calm and unobtrusive.
  • Compound for the tread that is hardy and long-lasting
  • Traction in moderate snow that is satisfactory for an all-season tire.


  • Very expensive
  • The treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles is shorter than that offered by competing premium grand-touring tires.
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Even when I was a child and first became interested in things like automobiles and tires, everyone seemed to be talking about Michelin. Products manufactured by the French company are consistently among the best in terms of performance, have the longest lifespans, and make for the calmest and most relaxing driving experiences.

Not that you should expect anything less from the firm that actually invented the radial tire, which significantly increased performance, comfort, and treadlife when compared to bias-ply tires. Not that you should expect anything less from the company that literally invented the radial tire. Even now, Michelin manages to surprise and delight. The Premier A/S is one of the company’s products that exemplifies the company’s dedication to manufacturing premium tires of the highest possible quality.

The Premier A/S is the successor of the immensely well-liked Primacy MXV4, and it was designed with the intention of providing drivers of passenger cars all over the world with superior driveability, the highest level of safety, exceptional comfort, and increased treadlife. This time around, the primary focus of the engineers was on enhancing the traction in wet conditions. What is the cause? Rainy weather conditions are responsible for the majority (73%) of automobile-related incidents.

The trouble is, the Michelin Premier A/S competes in the all-season grand-touring category, which is where other premium firms, like Bridgestone and Continental, already have fantastic tires, such as the Turanza QuietTrack and the PureContact LS. Although triumphing over these competitors will never be simple, the Premier A/S does have some attributes that put it at the head of its competition on paper.

The products that Michelin manufactures always have a higher price tag due to the superior technologies that are included into those products. The Premier A/S, much like the majority of the company’s other offerings, can hardly be described as affordable. In point of fact, it is currently one of the most costly all-season grand-touring tires that can be purchased. You can purchase a very accomplished tire from a manufacturer such as Cooper Tire, General Tire, Hankook, etc. for 20-30% less money than what you would pay from other manufacturers.

The question is, should you choose to save money by going with an option that is friendlier to your budget? I mean, there has got to be a justification for why the Premier A/S is priced the way it is, right? It goes without saying that there is. However, in order to find the response to the query, you will need to scroll down and read the review of the Michelin Premier A/S. We will need to have a lengthy conversation about a variety of topics in order to determine whether or not the Premier A/S is deserving of a spot in your automobile.

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And yes, the Michelin Premier A/S isn’t going to work with every single vehicle that you see on the road. Despite this, Michelin made it accessible in a variety of sizes, ranging from a wheel diameter of 15 inches all the way up to a wheel diameter of 19 inches. This portfolio allows the corporation to cover a wide range of well-liked passenger cars that are now seen on public roads.

If you drive a compact car, a mid-size sedan, a crossover, a minivan, or a coupe, there is a good probability that the Premier A/S will be available in the size recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, Michelin provides the tire in a variety of speed ratings, which further expands its availability in the market.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s have a look at the different characteristics that Michelin included in the tire, and then we’ll go on to the findings about the actual world.

What are the features of the Michelin Premier A/S?

Michelin Premier As Review

“Safe When New. Safe When Worn. Because of the EverGrip wet-braking technology, using it is risk-free even after it has been used for a significant amount of time. According to information provided on the Michelin website, “The MICHELIN® Premier® A/S tire still comes to a stop shorter on wet roads than the brand-new tires offered by leading competitors.”

In addition, the French manufacturer boasts that its tire provides the highest level of all-season safety, as well as luxury and comfort, as well as a long mileage warranty (we will talk more about this later). And all of this is accomplished by utilizing Michelin’s Total Performance technology, which incorporates a wide variety of cutting-edge components and components of advanced materials.

To begin, let’s talk about the tread component, which is made up of extremely fine silica and oil from sunflower seeds. This compound, according to the engineers at Michelin, improves grip not only on dry pavement but also on wet pavement and in freezing conditions.

The tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread design with a continuous center rib bordered by notched intermediate ribs and linked shoulder blocks. The tread design is symmetric since the tread compound is symmetric. It is anticipated that this pattern will improve straight-line tracking as well as steering response, resulting in improved maneuverability on dry terrain.

The Michelin EverGrip Technology is quite likely the most interesting component of the tire. This particular design incorporates Emerging Grooves across the shoulders and Expanding Rain Grooves all the way around the perimeter of the tire.

According to Michelin, the fact that these grooves literally open up as the tread wears down makes it possible for the tire to keep its wet traction for a longer period of time. EverGrip Technology is the only one that I am aware of that is capable of doing that, and the fact that it does so justifies a price rise in comparison to others that are more kind to one’s wallet.

The low rolling resistance of the compound, which helps enhance the overall fuel efficiency of any vehicle, is one of the components that makes up the Total Performance package.

Internally, the Premier A/S has a design that is quite basic. It features twin steel belts that are reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide cable, and a polyester casing ply sits on top of all of that. Because of this design, the tire is both robust and stable, which contributes to the tire’s excellent handling, as well as its durability and comfortable ride.

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What are the maintenance indicators?

All of Michelin’s tires, including the Premier A/S, feature the standard tread wear indicators. This includes the Premier A/S. The TWIs are formed from thin inserts of rubber that are placed into the circumferential grooves of the tire. Because of these indicators, the driver is able to readily monitor the tread depth of the tire, which contributes to the ease with which maintenance can be performed.

The indicators are particularly significant for matters pertaining to safety. When the tread is worn down, the Premier A/S won’t be able to deliver the same level of performance on wet surfaces despite the use of EverGrip Technology. Because of this, monitoring the tread depth of your tires is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your car safe in wet circumstances.

A minimum tread depth of 2/32 of an inch is required for the Premier A/S. When this occurs, the manufacturer will state that the tire is not suitable for use when driving on wet pavement. In addition to this, having a tread depth that is too shallow makes snow traction much worse.

The treadwear indications will be totally flush with the tread of the tire when the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch. To maintain adequate performance in rainy conditions, it is imperative that you immediately replace the worn-out tires. However, I advise having the tires replaced even sooner than that.

The tire comes with a treadwear warranty from Michelin that is good for six years and 60,000 miles. This guarantee appears to be totally acceptable when seen in isolation; nevertheless, some premium competitors have begun giving far more. As an illustration, Bridgestone backs its Turanza QuietTrack with a treadwear warranty that is valid for 80,000 miles.

It’s not that you should be concerned about treadlife; owners of the Premier A/S are delighted with how long the tread remains in good condition.

How does it behave on a dry tarmac?

Before I tested the Premier A/S, I would have never thought that a grand-touring all-season tire could handle as well as it does. If you equip your vehicle with this set of tires, you will notice that it is lot more responsive, and the steering feel will be excellent.

In addition to this, Michelin was successful in extracting extremely high levels of grip and traction from the all-season compound. When it comes to regular driving, the tire offers more cornering grip than you could possibly require, and it also has sufficient traction for quick acceleration. In addition to that, the distances required to stop are extremely short.

When it comes to driving around town, the Premier A/S is one of the grand-touring tires that is the most fun to do it on. To say the least, unrivaled in quality.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

Michelin Premier As Review

When it comes to dry handling, the Premier A/S may have some competition, but when it comes to handling on wet surfaces, it easily outperforms its rivals by a large margin. This is especially true when it comes to the braking system, as the stopping distances are the shortest of any category.

The handling is likewise quite precise and controllable, and there is not the slightest indication that it will slip. Even in conditions of extremely intense rainfall, the resistance to hydroplaning is exceptional. Because it is so well made, the tire doesn’t have any trouble navigating wet or greasy terrain either.

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Therefore, the Premier A/S is the tire to get if you are looking for the best grand-touring all-season rubber that is designed to perform well in wet situations.

With that being said, how is it on snowy roads?

At least in comparison to other all-season tires, the Premier A/S has above-average snow grip because of the many sipes that are embedded in the tread blocks. Having winter tires on your vehicle makes it possible to safely navigate snow and ice conditions.

However, when compared to the vast majority of grand-touring all-season tires, the Premier A/S is superior, particularly to those that are priced affordably. People who reside in regions where winters are milder than average will most likely not be dissatisfied.

Is it suitable for off-road driving?

Despite the fact that it is offered in several crossover body styles, the Premier A/S was not developed to be driven in off-road conditions. It is possible to use it over hardpacked surfaces in an emergency, however doing so for an extended period of time may cause tread damage.

Is it comfortable and refined?

I had come to expect nothing less from Michelin, yet the Premier A/S exceeds all of my expectations in terms of coziness. On both flat and bumpy surfaces, the ride quality is consistently high, making it one of the best in the class. In addition, the tire is one of the grand-touring types that has the least amount of noise right now.

More information regarding the Michelin Premier A/S Review may be found at: Video production by Michelin in the United States

Should I buy the Michelin Premier A/S?

As is the case with the vast majority of Michelin’s offerings, you should give the Premier A/S serious consideration if you have the financial means to do so. Even when it is worn down, this is the safest tire to use when driving on surfaces that are damp.

Furthermore, the tire has great treadlife, rides smoothly and quietly, and handles like a sports tire. It also caresses the passengers with a smooth and quiet ride. Although it may not be reflected in the treadwear warranty, the Premier A/S will provide you with a very extended service life.


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