Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review: Can It Match Goodyear’s Level of Quality and Performance?

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Kelly Edge As Tire Review


  • On dry pavement, excellent traction and grip.
  • On the highway, it provides a secure sensation.
  • It was peaceful in the city and on the highway.
  • Excellent treadwear coverage under the warranty considering the cost.
  • Very inexpensive to purchase.



  • Traction in wet conditions is inferior than that of premium tires.
  • The riding quality is not particularly remarkable.
  • The snow’s traction is worse than usual.
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There is nothing novel about inexpensive tires; they have been around for as long as there have been automobiles. On the other hand, it appears like a new brand has been appearing out of nowhere in recent years. Some of them make use of Chinese patterns that have already been produced, and to tell you the truth, you shouldn’t bother with them. They certainly have a tempting appearance, but it’s possible that driving in the rain with those on may be very dangerous. Then there are other brands such as Kelly Edge, which takes great satisfaction in the fact that it operates under the Goodyear brand umbrella.

The trouble is, Goodyear’s portfolio includes a very large number of different brands. Does this imply that each of those tires is of the highest quality? When you really stop to think about it, the answer is no. The majority of the tires that Goodyear offers are outstanding, and the company already carries a large selection of them. However, because of their exceptionally high levels of performance, the prices of those products are significantly higher than average.

It stands to reason that the most successful tire manufacturer in the United States would also be interested in expanding its product line to include more economically friendly options. Because of this, Goodyear makes investments in the development of many other brands, such as Kelly Edge and Douglas. There is no need to hide the fact that these tires are manufactured with a focus on cost efficiency. When the engineers begin the process of creating the tires, that is actually the first notion that comes to their minds. In addition, they are typically manufactured using less expensive materials that are not quite as technologically advanced.

Do you believe that Goodyear would want to provide outstanding tires at low prices in order to compete with their own sales of tires? Of course not! Cheap tires almost always perform poorly, and I just don’t know how else to express that. That is an undeniable truth that cannot be ignored. There is just no budget tire anywhere in the world that can compete with the performance of a high-end model. I’m sorry, fellas and gals, but it’s the honest truth.

What exactly is the situation with the Kelly Edge A/S? At the very least on paper, it seems like this tire has a lot going for it. It is far cheaper than premium tires, coming in at approximately half the cost. In addition, it has a tread pattern that Goodyear has utilized in the past, which suggests that it should deliver satisfactory performance. Now, of course, the compound, which is considerably more crucial for grip and traction than the tread pattern, always plays second fiddle to the tread pattern. Despite this, we are going to give the Kelly Edge A/S the benefit of the doubt in this situation.

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I have compiled a comprehensive assessment of this budget-friendly tire in order to respond to all of your inquiries regarding it. You can read more about my thoughts on how well this device operates on dry and wet pavement, how well it works during the winter, and how comfy it is further down in this review. In addition to that, we will also discuss the treadlife of the tire, as many drivers in the United States place a high priority on this particular factor. Is it true that the Kelly Edge A/S is a piece of garbage, or does it merit a spot in your vehicle? Let’s debate it!

What are the features of the Kelly Edge A/S?

Curiously, the website of Goodyear contains all of the information that you need to know about Kelly Edge A/S. The well-known manufacturer notes on that page that the product in question is “a hardworking, quality tire with all-season traction for everyday driving.” This is something that does not come up very often in discussions about premium tires. For example, what does it actually mean to say that someone is “hardworking”?

In any case, the tread pattern of the tire has been constructed in such a way that it is optimized to remove water and slush from the road surface. As a consequence of this, the tire ought to perform exceptionally well when subjected to wet circumstances. In addition, the tire incorporates biting tread block edges, which are designed to boost traction in snowy circumstances and should be of assistance when driving during the winter. The robust tread blocks, in the meantime, not only offer a stable handling experience at higher speeds, but also contribute to an increased treadlife.

Dual steel belts and nylon reinforcement are used in the construction of the tire’s interior, which serves to keep the tire stable. There is nothing novel to report regarding this design because it is typical for this category.

In general, there is nothing about the Kelly Edge A/S that piques one’s interest. This tire has a straightforward design and does not incorporate any cutting-edge technologies. In that regard, it is comparable to tires that were manufactured more than a decade ago, which may not be such a terrible thing for an economically priced tire.

Kelly Edge provides the tire in a selection of sizes, the smallest of which has a wheel diameter of 14 inches and the largest having a wheel diameter of 17 inches. Additionally, the Kelly Edge A/S is available in T, H, and V speed ratings. The manufacturer mostly covers sub-compact automobiles, compact cars, mid-size sedans, and minivans with these dimensions and ratings.

Kelly Edge As Tire Review

What are the maintenance indicators?

On its all-season tire, Kelly Edge employs the tread wear indicators (TWIs) that are the standard in the industry. These indicators can provide feedback to the driver regarding the remaining tread depth on the tire. Due to the direct connection between tread depth and wet and snow traction, they are consequently particularly crucial for overall safety. If the tires do not have sufficient depth, they will not be able to channel water away from the contact patch, which will reduce their resistance to hydroplaning.

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In the United States, the legal minimum for the tread depth of all-season tires is 2/32 of an inch. When the tread depth hits this stage, you should replace your tires as soon as possible. In that case, you run the risk of losing traction not only on snow, but also on wet pavement. Obviously, if you want the tires to continue to be trustworthy and safe in any environment, you should consider replacing them sooner rather than later.

You will be able to see with the assistance of the TWIs when the depth reaches 2/32 of an inch. It is possible to notice them if one examines the tread of the tire in great detail; they are small rubber bars that have been embedded there. As the tread is worn down, the bars will become more obvious to the driver. Once the tread has worn down to a depth of 2/32 of an inch, the narrow rubber bars will be fully flush with the remainder of the tread.

Because it is such a budget-friendly tire, the Kelly Edge A/S comes with a solid guarantee, which is a blessing. To safeguard you from untimely wear and tear, Goodyear offers a treadwear warranty that is good for 55,000 miles. Although the tread life is shorter than that of premium tires by approximately 15,000 miles, the price point is satisfactory.

However, you shouldn’t expect the treadlife to be fantastic. There is no question that the Kelly Edge A/S will wear out far more quickly than premium tires. In addition to this, the rubber compound won’t last nearly as long. However, given the low cost of the tire, that is something that you should anticipate to happen to it.

How does it behave on a dry tarmac?

The Kelly Edge A/S will not immediately leave an impression on you. The sidewalls of the tire give the impression of being solid and respond quickly, but the tire itself does not communicate with you very well. It feels a little dead in the center, which is terrible for the steering. To tell you the truth, though, driving on the majority of passenger all-season tires is not exactly a pleasurable experience, so this is not a major concern.

When it comes to performance in terms of grip and traction for daily driving, the Kelly Edge A/S performs quite admirably. Even if you drive it at somewhat faster than normal speeds throughout town, it will still be very safe to operate. Additionally, it performs well on the highway, particularly in terms of its stability. The stopping distances will be marginally longer in comparison to the premium competition, but this is not going to be a deal breaker.

On dry roads, the Kelly Edge A/S does a good job at disguising its price tag overall. Although it cannot in any way be described as a sporty tire, it is nonetheless a tire that can fulfill its intended purpose.

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How is it over wet and slippery roads?

When driving on wet roads, the Kelly Edge A/S quickly loses its edge. Although it does not perform as poorly as some other inexpensive tires do, it is not trustworthy enough to recommend. It seems as though you lose traction in the corners much more quickly than you would with more expensive tires. In addition, there is a greater amount of wheel spin when the vehicle is accelerating quickly, and the stopping distance is additionally increased.

I think a lot of customers have come to anticipate this level of performance from budget tires. On the other hand, I have a hard time putting together the concepts of security and cost in the same sentence. Your family and the other people involved in the traffic will be considerably safer if you invest in premium tires that have exceptional traction in the rain.

With that being said, how is it on snowy roads?

The Kelly Edge A/S is marketed as an all-season tire by Goodyear, but in reality, it is only suitable for use during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Only in regions where snow and ice are uncommon during the winter will it be practical for driving.

This tire is not the ideal option to go with if you are going to be driving in severe winter conditions. On roads that are coated with snow, there is insufficient grip and traction, which results in unpredictable handling and increased distances traveled before coming to a halt. In addition to this, traction on ice is even poorer.

Is it suitable for off-road driving?

Never in a million years. Because the tire does not have a sufficient amount of tread pattern, it will not offer you with adequate grip on sloped surfaces. In addition, sharp rocks can easily cause damage to these tires and speed up the wear of the tread.

Is it comfortable and refined?

I was somewhat aback by how well the Kelly Edge A/S performed in terms of the amount of noise. It does not make a significant amount of noise on the highway and is very quiet in the surrounding areas. Certainly, you can do better, but for the price, I was really delighted with what I purchased.

The same cannot be said of the quality of the ride. The tires appear to be bouncing off the surface, which causes the cabin to be subjected to a greater degree of vibration than I would prefer.

Should I buy the Kelly Edge A/S?

Given that it is dependent on the things that are important to you, that is a question that you will probably need to answer yourself. If you are looking for a tire that can handle daily driving but doesn’t break the bank, the Kelly Edge A/S is an excellent option to consider. It operates smoothly at normal speeds, it is not very noisy, and it ought to serve you for at least three years without any significant issues.

However, you should be prepared to spend a little bit more money if you want a sophisticated tire that will perform well in the majority of scenarios. Goodyear’s own tires are of a considerably higher quality, but both General and Cooper will provide you with a more satisfying driving experience.


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