Shine Like a Pro: Learn How to Wash, Dry, Clean the Interior and Wax Your Vehicle with These Expert Tips!

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The first thing that should be done to keep a vehicle in good condition is to make sure that it is always clean and polished. The right cleaning procedures will allow you to accomplish this goal. It is important to clean not only the exterior of the body, but also the interiors of the body as well.

1. Interior Cleaning

The interiors are the easiest to clean but require the most attention because of their location. The majority of the furnishings inside are things like carpets, seat covers, and upholstery. The first thing that should be done is to vacuum up any loose and dry debris. Before beginning to vacuum the interior of the vehicle, it is necessary to remove any seat covers and carpets that may be present. In the event that the dirt does not come out, try using a gentle shampoo and a soft cloth to eliminate any stains that may have formed on the fabric. After that, wait until the chairs are completely dry before continuing.

How To Washing Drying, Interior Cleaning And Waxing Your Vehicle

2. Clean your car dashboard

To thoroughly clean the dashboards, you need only a cloth and some water. Utilize the cotton swabs, which can be found in most hardware stores, to clean the regions that are confined. Using a brush with bristles, one can simply remove the dust from the rugs. When cleaning the various surfaces with some kind of product, you should make sure that the product was designed particularly for cleaning the particular surface you are cleaning. Various types of cleaning products are necessary to be used for cleaning different types of surfaces, such as plastic, vinyl, leather, upholstery, or wood.


How To Washing Drying, Interior Cleaning And Waxing Your Vehicle

3. Car Exterior Cleaning: includes the cleaning of the paintwork and the wheels

When cleaning the external, be sure to give the wheels and paintwork your attention as well. Always give the sponge a thorough rinsing first in order to reduce the risk of scratching the exterior of the vehicle when using a sponge to clean it. The correct way to rinse something is to work your way down from the top, starting at the very top. A few drops of liquid soap should be added to the container after it has been filled with water. Then, place the sponge in the soapy water for a few minutes before squeezing it to remove any surplus liquid. In the same way that you would with the rinsing method, start the cleaning procedure from the top of the vehicle. While you are scrubbing the wheels, you should change the water and the sponge. Because these are more heavily soiled than the other parts of the vehicle, you will need to cleanse them with a different set of tools.
How To Washing Drying, Interior Cleaning And Waxing Your Vehicle

4. Properly dry a car after washing

The step that requires the most attention is the one in which you cleanse and rinse the vehicle. Once more, begin the procedure at the highest point and work your way down to the lowest point. In addition, the spray should have low pressure and a moderate volume so that any potential injury to the paintwork can be avoided. To thoroughly dry the vehicle, we recommend using a high-quality microfiber cloth. When it comes to preventing the development of fresh scratches, these are far superior to the use of terrycloth or chamois towels.
How To Washing Drying, Interior Cleaning And Waxing Your Vehicle

5. Properly Waxing a Car

Cars get their shine and added protection from waxing, which also serves to safeguard the paint. First things first, apply the wax to one section of the vehicle. After some time has passed, take a microfiber towel and buff the waxed section until it has an extra shine. Continue doing this process until the entire body is coated in the firm wax.

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