General Grabber HTS60: A Comprehensive Tire Review

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  • Very good on-road manners in dry and wet conditions
  • Usable on gravel
  • Comfortable ride quality on metric sizes
  • Braking in light snow
  • Very good treadlife


  • Can be noisy on the highway
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The number of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers (also known as “crossovers”) on the roads seems to be increasing at an alarming rate, which indicates that their influence on the automotive market is only growing. This makes sense when seen from the point of view of the customer because these automobiles are more suitable for everyday use by families, and they also present a more favorable image to onlookers and passers-by. We won’t go into great detail regarding the factors that contribute to the widespread appeal of these automobiles, but we will discuss what makes a decent set of tires for these vehicles. Why? Because tires are among the most crucial parts of an automobile, if not the most important part, a vehicle’s whole performance depends on their condition.

Tires may be found in a wide variety of forms, including a variety of shapes, sizes, and sorts. If you were unaware of this fact before, you should know it now. Highway tires are by far the most common choice for all-terrain vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks, and crossovers. These tires offer an exceptional level of comfort and quietness, as well as an amazing level of high-speed stability, which is especially crucial for lengthy highway rides. The General Grabber HTS60 is now one of the most well-liked options available for purchase in the category of highway tires. The phrase “Made in USA” is a big part of the reason for its success in the United States market, but other factors, such as the product’s well-rounded characteristics and reasonable price point, also contribute to its widespread acceptance.

To be more specific, when we refer to a tire as balanced, we mean that it has been engineered to provide extremely good performance in practically every category, including traction and grip in dry and rainy situations, a smooth ride over bumps, silent rolling on the highway, and even some traction for mild off-road use. The fact that it is an all-season tire implies that it should, in principle at least, work throughout the year, including when there is a little bit of snow on the ground. The Grabber HTS60 can be the only tire you need for your SUV or truck, which is something that the average driver actually needs.

These crossovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, and even full-size vans are ideal candidates for the tire that was designed expressly for them. To put it another way, if you own a car that is both heavier and larger than average, the Grabber HTS60 ought to be an excellent choice for you. There are fifty different metric sizes that may be purchased, with wheel diameters ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches and speed ratings of S, T, or H. There are a total of twelve LT-Metric and Flotation sizes available, ranging from 15″ to 18″, all of which have a speed rating of either R or S and are designed for use with larger cars and tow or haul applications.

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Among the cars that would be best suited to the Grabber HTS60 are Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe, and TrailBlazer, Dodge Ram and Dakota, Ford F-150, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, and Edge, GMC Canyon, Sierra, and Yukon, Honda Pilot and Ridgeline, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Wrangler, Land Rover Range Rover and Discovery, Nissan Titan Frontier, Armada, and Pathfinder; Toyota FJ Cruisers, Highlanders, 4Runners, Sequoias, Tundras, Tacomas, and Land Cruisers.

What are the features of the General Grabber HTS60?

The Grabber HTS60 is a strong highway terrain all-season tire that, according to General Tire, offers the ideal balance of comfort, durability, and performance for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. This tire comes in the shape of a Grabber HTS60 tire. The vast majority of highway tires have this as one of their goals, yet very few of them actually fulfill this objective.In order to accomplish all of those goals, the Grabber HTS60 is outfitted with an armament that includes DuraGen Technology. The majority of highway tires are not actually designed for off-road driving, which is why this exclusive technology from General Tire gives great off-road durability. This is a trait that most highway tires do not offer. In addition to this, the HTS60 comes standard with Comfort Balance Technology, which includes sound barrier ribs. These ribs make for a ride that is both pleasant and quiet on the road, despite the HTS60’s rugged design.The StabiliTREAD Technology developed by General, which is also utilized in the company’s ultra-high-performance models, results in a footprint that is both flatter and larger. This, according to General, lowers the amount of tread stress and increases the tread’s lifespan. In the end, metric sizes are optimized for excellent grip in wet and winter circumstances, whereas LT sizes are optimized for better treadlife and stability under heavy load. Metric sizes are optimized for excellent grip in wet and winter situations. It is particularly encouraging to see that General Tire has placed a greater emphasis on distinguishing between metric and LT sizes due to the fact that these two measurement systems are utilized in a variety of contexts.In contrast to the structure of ordinary highway tires, the Grabber HTS60 features a cushioned absorption layer of rubber beneath the tread of the tire. This layer is the one that is in charge of making sure that the ride is as comfortable as possible. Following that are the standard ultra-high-strength steel belts that are reinforced with nylon that has been spirally wrapped around it. These belts give the tire resistance to being penetrated and stability at greater speeds.

General Grabber Hts60 Review

What are the maintenance indicators?

The RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor) that gives the user with a warning when the tire is worn and has to be changed is not included with the Grabber HTS60 tire, in contrast to General tire models that are designed for lighter cars, such as mid-size sedans and minivans. This means that the Grabber HTS60 does not come with this feature. It’s unfortunate, but the HTS60 still has the typical wear indicators incorporated into the grooves with the most depth on the tread, so we won’t grumble too much about that.

The wear indications on the HTS60 can be seen, but only if you look relatively near to the tire. If you look at the tire from a normal viewing distance, you won’t be able to see them at all. Having saying that, you will notice them more clearly when the tread wears down. To be more specific, you will need to replace your tires when the wear indicators are flush with the tread. After this point, the tires will no longer be useable in scenarios where there is light snow or when it is damp outside. Even if you don’t drive your vehicle while it’s wet or cold outside, you should still change your tires whenever the tread wear indicators reach the same level as the tread. This is for your own safety.

The Grabber HTS60 comes with a limited treadlife warranty of 6 Years / 65K mi (S- & T-Speed Rated), and 6 Years / 50K mi (LT Sizes & H-Speed Rated) (Half mileage for the rear if different size than front). This means that this won’t happen anytime soon. Although this is an excellent performance for a tire in this price range, it is not the best possible performance for a tire in its industry. Even though they have a higher initial cost, premium tires that come with a treadwear warranty of up to 80,000 miles may end up being more cost effective in the long term. Despite this, it appears that people who purchase this tire are really pleased with how well it holds up over time.

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Is it good for off-road driving?

Tires intended for use on the highway are not optimal for use on unpaved surfaces. However, in light of the fact that drivers of SUVs and crossovers continue to need further capabilities, General Tire made several design decisions that result in the HTS60 having improved grip when used in off-road environments. This tire is an excellent choice for motorists who rarely travel on rocky or rutted off-road terrain but frequently travel on roads that aren’t completely paved. The HTS60 is a fantastic vehicle for driving on gravel, in all honesty. This is of the utmost significance for commercial vans, but it is also essential for family drivers who want to elevate the status of the annual family picnic.

Having said that, the HTS60 does not come even close to the performance of all-terrain tires on other sorts of terrain, such as mud, sand, or loose pebbles. It is possible that it will function, but it will be quite simple to become blocked at some location. If you take off-roading seriously, you should invest in tires that are designed expressly for that kind of driving.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

When it comes to handling on the highway, the Grabber HTS60 is not the best tire on the market, but it is definitely among the top five best tires. For instance, the Michelin Defender LTX provides far greater stability at higher speeds and better response in the corners than the Grabber HTS60, but it’s not as if the Grabber HTS60 is too far behind. On top of that, the Michelin is also sold at a significantly higher price.

To put it another way, the General provides very good traction and grip for the price, in addition to exceptional high-speed stability and powerful braking capabilities. Most significantly, this is a highly safe tire to have when traveling at highway speeds, which is something that the typical driver of an SUV or crossover vehicle truly requires.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

General Grabber Hts60 Review

The situation is exactly the same as when one is driving on dry tarmac. The Grabber HTS60 may not be the ideal tire for driving in the rain, but it’s certainly not the worst option available. There are a lot of tires that are far worse than the Grabber HTS60 that cost around the same amount of money. In wet circumstances, this tire offers superior traction, grip, and braking capabilities compared to those offered by the competition. Additionally, the Grabber HTS60 has excellent resistance to hydroplaning, which means that it can be used without any restrictions even in conditions of intense precipitation.

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With that being said, how is it in snowy roads?

General Grabber Hts60 Review

The Grabber HTS60 does not have sufficient grip nor traction in light snow to serve as an adequate replacement for a set of winter tires. Having said that, the braking power that it offers is fairly good, which indicates that you can use it for longer distances than you might think. However, there are certain premium all-season highway tires that provide even greater braking, traction, and grip than the HTS60 does, so the HTS60’s performance in light snow isn’t necessarily its strongest suit.

Is it comfortable and refined?

The Grabber HTS60 is not nearly as loud as all-terrain tires, but it can still be heard while traveling at highway speeds. This is in contrast to premium highway tires, which are nearly silent when traveling at these speeds. However, the ride quality is outstanding in the metric sizes and only satisfactory in the LT sizes.

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Should I buy the General Grabber HTS60?

Yes, you should purchase the Grabber HTS60 tires if you are looking for a set of tires that will provide you a driving experience that is balanced regardless of the surface you are on. This is one of the few highway tires available that performs well on gravel and has outstanding manners while driving on paved roads; in fact, it may be the only one available at this price point.

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