Get More Value for Your Money with Firestone Destination LE2: A Comprehensive Wet Traction Tire Review

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  • Very good traction and grip in dry conditions
  • Outstanding hydroplaning resistance
  • Strong braking in wet conditions
  • Supremely quiet and comfortable
  • Budget-oriented price


  • 60,000-mile treadwear warranty is somewhat lackluster
  • Not that good on snow or ice
  • Not the most responsive highway tire out there
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Because most pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are only driven on paved roads, the demand for highway tires has increased to the point that they are one of the most popular and best-selling types of tires in the entire globe. Highway tires are designed to improve the handling of your pickup truck or sport utility vehicle (SUV) while driving on paved roads. When compared to all-terrain tires, they offer superior comfort and noise reduction, traction and grip, and high-speed stability. In addition, they are far more comfortable. You have probably understood by this point.

The problem is that there is a complete oversupply of highway tires on the market, making it increasingly difficult to choose a combination of tires that will work with your specific car and the way you typically drive. Unsurprisingly, Firestone has entered the competition with their Destination LE2 tire as well. The business that is now owned by Bridgestone has an extremely extensive light truck portfolio, which includes both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Drivers of passenger light-duty pickups, vans, and SUVs are the target audience for the Destination LE2 navigation system. The LE2 is an improved version of its predecessor, the LE, which was a highly well-liked tire in the world of trucking due to the fact that it combined an affordable price with a high level of traction. However, the LE2 continues to make strides toward surpassing its predecessor in every respect. Even though Firestone claims that the Destination LE2 is suitable for crossovers, the only type of crossover for which we would advocate using it is a very large three-row crossover. The explanation behind this is pretty easy to understand: the Destination LE2 is not the most responsive tire on the market, which is something that the majority of people who drive crossovers look for in their tires.

Models such as the Chevrolet Colorado, Equinox, and Silverado, Ford Escape, Explorer, Ranger, and F-150, GMC Acadia, Sierra, and Yukon, Jeep Compass, Patriot, and Cherokee, Kia Sorento, Land Rover LR2, Nissan Frontier, Range Rover, Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and Highlander, etc. are excellent choices for the Destination LE2. Although some sizes are able to accommodate smaller crossovers such as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe, or Mazda CX-7, we believe that there are better options available for those models overall.

The Destination LE2 can be purchased in widths ranging from 215 to 275 millimeters, widths ranging from 50 to 75 inches, and sidewall heights ranging from 50 to 75 inches. That covers a lot of ground, but even so, we would have preferred tires with higher load ratings. However, the Destination LE2 can still be used for lighter towing and hauling by the majority of people. Some models have a capacity of 2,601 pounds per tire, which is very common for the category. Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s hear what Firestone has to say about their most popular highway tire.

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What are the features of the Firestone Destination LE2?

Firestone claims that the Destination LE2 was developed with the intention of “keeping up with you.” That’s a catchy phrase for sure, but what really matters is that the LE2 is a highway tire that’s designed to perform well in all kinds of weather, regardless of the season. The producer of this tire even boasts that it provides traction in winter situations, which is something that people definitely misread a lot of the time – go on over to the snow section to find out why. In addition to providing traction in any weather condition, the Destination LE2 has been engineered to be as quiet and comfortable as possible; these are qualities that are typical of highway tires.Firestone was able to accomplish these feats by utilizing a number of design decisions that are common to the majority of highway tires. To begin, the Destination LE2 has continuous closed shoulder blocks, which not only improve dry traction but also lengthen the amount of time they can be used before wearing out. Then, the wide circumferential grooves aid for better performance in heavy rain by channeling the water out of the tire, while the stepped inner notches and zigzag sipes help for improved traction in light snow. This is because the wide circumferential grooves are directing the water out of the tire. In addition to this, the Destination LE2 features noise sequencing that has been adjusted for a quieter ride on the highway and sweeping slots that provide even better traction when the road is wet.

The internal structure of the tire follows the category norms and consists of twin steel belts that are reinforced with nylon that is spirally wrapped around them. This combination delivers the necessary level of strength to accommodate the weight of light and medium-sized trucks. In addition to this, the body is made of polyester cord, which makes for a more comfortable ride, especially over rough terrain.

Firestone Destination Le2 Review

What are maintenance indicators?

It’s interesting to note that we weren’t able to locate any wear indicators on the Destination LE2 highway tire, like we were able to locate on other premium highway tires from different manufacturers. Instead, Firestone recommends utilizing the penny test, which is now generally accepted as the gold standard for determining the appropriate tread depth. Before you perform the penny test, you should be aware that the legal limit of tread depth is 2/32 inches for safety concerns. This is because having a tread depth that is any less than this can drastically reduce the tire’s ability to function well when it is wet.

Put a penny in each of the grooves of the tire to see whether it passes the test. If the tread on the tire is at least touching the top of Abraham Lincoln’s inverted head, then the tread depth is at least 2/32 inches. Even though we would have liked to include tread wear indications, if you don’t feel comfortable performing the penny test on your own, the professionals at Firestone Tire and Auto Service will examine your tires at no cost to you.

The treadwear guarantee that comes with the Firestone Destination LE2 is 60,000 miles long, which is not the greatest in the category but is still good considering the price of the tire. Owners from all around the world have reported that the hardness and durability of their products is excellent. They report that the treadlife is quite good, with a range of 50,000 to 60,000 miles, which is very near to the manufacturer’s warranty, and that there is great uniformity over the course of the tire’s lifespan. However, if you are looking for the most durable tires available, you should consider purchasing premium highway tires. These tires typically come with a treadwear warranty that is good for 70,000 or even 80,000 miles.

Is it good for off-road driving?

Because the Destination LE2 is intended for installation on SUVs and trucks, one would assume that it is suitable for use when driving off-road, but is this really the case? To tell you the truth, that is not the situation here at all. In any event, this is not the case with the vast majority of highway tires. This Firestone tire is not intended for use when driving on unpaved or gravel roads and should only be used on paved surfaces.

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However, if you possess a vehicle that is equipped with an all-wheel-drive system, you can still have some traction on terrain with a lower coefficient of friction, such as gravel for instance. Under those situations, the Firestone Destination LE2 is capable of providing you with sufficient traction for a secure and enjoyable driving experience. Anything beyond that, such as mud or sand, is not something that is advised. That is, unless you intentionally want to get in a bind, which is not recommended.

How does it behave on dry tarmac?

If the weather is dry and the roads are paved, the Destination LE2 ought to deliver outstanding performance in this context. But does it deliver? To a large extent. There is nothing negative to mention in this regard, with the possible exception of a slightly reduced responsiveness in comparison to tires designed specifically for crossover vehicles. If you are looking for a tire that will give you the sensation of being in control of a sporty vehicle while you are driving, the Firestone is not the greatest option for you.

On the other hand, the Destination LE2 does not present any safety concerns when used in dry environments. The traction is good, but it is not quite up to the level of the very best premium tires that are now available – this is something that is noticeable while driving more powerful vehicles. On the other hand, for the typical motorist, the difference is insignificant. Most importantly, the Destination LE2 exhibits remarkable steadiness while driving on the highway and has a short stopping distance. When compared to other highway tires, this one has excellent grip in all directions.

Competitors from Michelin and Bridgestone provide tires that are superior to the Destination LE2 in terms of their ability to handle corners and other types of terrain. In general, the Destination LE2 is not the greatest tire available. However, taking into account the price of the Firestone, the performance it offers is still extremely good, particularly for the typical driver of a truck or SUV.

How is it over wet and slippery roads?

The situation is the same when it comes to traction and grip when the road is wet. The Destination LE2 is not without flaws; with vigorous acceleration, we would have preferred a little bit more traction from the tire. However, it is adequate for the vast majority of drivers who do not use their vehicles in a reckless manner. More importantly, the Firestone has excellent resistance to hydroplaning, making it nearly on par with the greatest tires now available. In addition to this, it may be used in moist conditions without any additional effort or delay, and it quits working properly even in wet situations. In this regard, the Destination LE2 turned in an impressive performance overall, which is particularly impressive when one considers the cost of the tire.

Firestone Destination Le2 Review

With that being said, how is it in snowy roads?

Even while Firestone appears to have a lot of faith in the Destination LE2’s performance in the snow, that doesn’t mean that you ought to have the same level of faith. People who live in regions where there is very little to no snow throughout the winter can use this tire without any concerns at all. Even in little snow, there is traction on the road since traction, grip, and braking are nearly on par with their summertime counterparts throughout the winter months.

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On the other hand, if you live in a region that experiences severe winters and a significant amount of snow, you might discover that the Destination LE2 is entirely pointless to you. It does not have the appropriate traction of a winter tire, and what’s more essential is that stopping can take an extremely long time. In addition, it appears that the Firestone performs quite poorly when used on ice. If you want your vehicle to function consistently under those conditions, you should do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of winter tires.

Is it comfortable and refined?

The Firestone is an excellent choice for a highway tire due to its quiet and smooth ride. To be more specific, we consider it to be one of the most comfortable and quiet tires now available for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, which is quite high praise when taking into account the cost of the Destination LE2. Longer car rides will seem much more comfortable and pleasant if you equip your vehicle with this set of tires, that much is certain.

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Should I buy the Firestone Destination LE2?

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of highway tires for your truck or SUV, you should at the very least give some thought to the Firestone Destination LE2 tires. It only falls short in extremely hard and wintry conditions. Other than that, it offers pretty good performance overall. The price of this tire is far lower than that of premium competitors, which is another another significant benefit of purchasing these tires. Having said that, drivers of sporty crossovers might wish to think about the premium counterparts of their vehicles, which all provide a driving experience that is more responsive.

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